September 11, 2013

A Hankering For . . . Vintage Inspired Color

I have always been the type of girl who enjoys a limited color palette in her decorating.  A single accent color surrounded in white . . . simple patterns in limited colors like checks and stripes, sometimes a floral limited to a white background with single colored flowers . . . it's the look I've been enjoying for years and years. 

Still love it today, most likely will love it for years to come.  It seems classic, simple and comfy to me.

All that being said,  I've notice a new trend in my Pinterest pins of late.

A trend towards mixed patterns and multiple colors.  Granted white is still used quite a bit but this is new for me.

Do I dare dabble in a something so outrageous for me?

Take a look at a few photos from my Pinterest boards and tell me what you think?


Love how colorful and cheerful this room looks

Pretty shams, love the inset heart on the front~❥


Aqua and red

prettiest pillows

It's a pretty look right?  What do you think??


  1. It's a beautiful look! Love the colors and the mix of patterns! It's very happy and comforting!

  2. I love this look, too...and that's why neutrals are so can go with whatever pops of color you want, and it works!

  3. I like those looks too. And they would go great as accessories in your mostly white rooms. Then when you decide to change back to more white, you wouldn't have to paint the walls or anything time consuming. I love the crocheting on the pillowcases!!!

  4. I have much the same taste as you do, so I am not sure about too many crazy colors. In small doses I think they look great. Enjoy some bursts of color where you think it fits best and you have great taste!

  5. Love what you are pinning!
    I am ready to change up my mostly white house soon...pinning lots of different looks myself!
    A bit nervous but excited at the same time!

  6. This post really touched base with me. I also have a very neutral palette - which I absolutely love, but with the change in season coming, I am starting to add some color through quilts and pillows. I like a more "cottagey" look for the fall - it's more cozy comforting.

  7. I think it is absolutely beautiful, Robin. It really makes me think of Cath Kidston -and I adore her look. It looks very warm and homey to me- xo Diana

  8. Oh wow! I love it all! Now I want some pillow cases with the crochet edging. Thanks for sharing your pins.

  9. I love it!! It has a cottage vintage farmhouse feel to it.

  10. I think so too! I'm trying to sprinkle some of this into my currently drab home, and I'm thinking it actually makes me feel better!

  11. Love all of these! I think if you stick with your white/neutral backgrounds you can try just about anything, and it's easy to change whenever you like. I have a couple of times a year when I go color crazy. I live with it for a bit and when I'm longing for something a little "quieter" I take it all away :) No harm in trying some new colors/patterns, right? You have some wonderful inspiration to work from!


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