October 22, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Living Room Inspiration


It's time for another "Hankering" post.  I have to say I am really enjoying putting together these posts every week.

I find that I have so many idea swarming around in my head of what I want to work on and accomplish.  Rounding up inspiration photos has helped me get motivated to get started as soon as possible.

This past week I have been thinking alot about what I want to do in my living room come January.  You know that crazy time of the year when all the holiday decorations are packed away for another year and your cleaning the house like crazy because your craving clean, organized spaces to start the year off right.

If your like me you also crave simplicity more at this time of the year than any other.

Last January I attempted a Cottage Scandinavian look that I really enjoyed.  

The Scandinavian or Nordic look is perfection when balancing beauty, simplicity and function all wrapped up in a paired down style - in my humble opinion that is.

Since last years living room look was a success, I thought I'd try to elaborate on the theme again this time around.

To get my creativity flowing, I've rounded up a few photos that I've fell in love with that I hope maybe you'll fine inspirational also.

(note: If you decide to pin any of these wonderful photos please follow the link provided - thanks)

love the simplicity and style of this room.  from Inspiration in White

Vintage Interior: Kjøkken...igjen

Vintage Interior: Ønsker...

dining area


VIBEKE DESIGN: Hello September !

VIBEKE DESIGN: A little too high expectations .....

VIBEKE DESIGN: Like rundt hjørnet.....

Hope you enjoyed,



  1. Thank you! I thorougly enjoy your post. You have a really good eye for design.

    In January, I want a chenille bedspread pillow that looks like a frosted birthday cake.

  2. OH my...this just calls to me! Beautiful inspiration photos, Robin!

  3. Beautiful inspiration! My favorite is photo # 6 <3 xo Karen

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos...love the look!

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  6. Meravigliosa sia la casa che le immagini. Complimenti. Un abbraccio dall'Italia

  7. Rounding up a few photos for inspiration is a great way to get you motivated and started. I'm sure seeing those inspirations were enough to kickstart your plans of remodeling your home, Robin. I love the Scandinavian Cottage theme. It's a popular look, and I'm sure you'll be having it in your home in no time. Keep us posted with the updates! All the best! :)

    Maggie Grant @ The Find Consignment


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