April 12, 2010


Tulips in my garden have begun to bloom and I declare spring has officially arrived (in my yard).

The tulips are making their debut in my garden this year. I am so glad I put in the effort last fall. They’re so cheerful and beautiful; I can’t believe I’ve never planted them before.

This self proclaimed garden-guru-of-the-block was shock to find out tulips close at night and open again by mid-morning. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT!!!!! Guess I need to go back to garden-guru classes!

What’s growing in your garden?

Until tomorrow,



  1. YAY tulips! Aren't they a sight for sore eyes? No tulips yet at my house but the daffodils are starting to open. Thank goodness for spring!

  2. HI! Every year I tell myself to plant some tulip bulbs because I love how they are always the first to come up and give you a hint of spring even before spring is near ~ this fall I'm going to do it!
    Yours look lovely - I love bright pink!
    Enjoy your day ~

  3. I so need to plant some too 'cause yours are beautiful!

  4. SOOO pretty Robin! Tulips are my favorite, and yours are the prettiest shade of pink!

  5. Every spring i wished that I had planted bulbs. So pretty. I am for sure adding it my list of "to do's" this fall.


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