February 16, 2012

DIY Candle Sconce

I've been obsessed with candles lately and have been looking for the perfect candle wall sconce to place on either side of my large living room window.   I wanted something oversized and rustic to fit in with the farmhouse feel I'm trying to obtain.  A candle scone seemed like the perfect farmhouse accessory.

Useful, simple, pretty ... the essence of farmhouse living.

After a rather long, unproductive search I decided I'd have to make my own.

With country gumption fueling my need to get it done I searched through my stash of odd sized wood.

First I cut a 1x10 into the shape I wanted.

 Next I found some scrap trim and 1xSomethings and cut them all to the size I wanted to make the candle shelf.
 Attaching the two pieces together finished the project.  After painting and hanging the candle sconces on the wall I thought it was a little boring so I added a chicken wire hurricane painted black for a little extra farmhouse flare.  The hurricane was made by simply molding the chicken wire around a large tin can, cutting off the access and twisting the edges together to hold it's shape.

I love the result.  Very farmhouse if you ask me.

Hope you have great day,
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  1. I love this. Anything with chicken wire makes my heart swoon.

  2. Another great project of yours, Robin! I am so envious of your woodworking skills!

  3. You did it again, Robin! Love the contrast of the black chicken wire against the white wood. Can you share some of your ingenuity with me, please??

    Take care,

  4. So simple, elegant, lovely! Much love, Lisa

  5. Robin, that turned out great! I love that you built it and the wire is the perfect farmhouse touch!

  6. Your so crafty, I just love your candle holder, cute! :)

  7. That is so fantastic!! I love the chicken wire around it and have a feeling you've started a trend with this sconce. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  8. I love your DIY candle holders! They look great!

  9. Love it! That turned out great and the chicken wire is the perfect touch!

  10. Cute!

  11. Your little sconce is gorgeous and definitely farm house-y!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. It has been so beautiful and seems so easy to do ...
    Thanks for sharing, Robin!

  13. Fantastic idea, it's so farmhouse, love it!

  14. Awesome DIY tutorial, thanks for posting! Just curious, did you secure the candle and the chicken wire to the base or are they just left in place?


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