August 5, 2012

Simple Candle Holder Makeover

Well Hello! 

Sorry I haven't been around very much lately.  Summer is flying by so fast I'm having a hard time keeping the kids busy and finding time to blog.  I'm hoping to be able to balance it out a little more the next couple weeks since I miss chatting with all of you.

Despite being busy with the kids, I have managed to complete a couple small projects around the house one of which I'd like to share today.

I picked up a wood candle holder at the thrift store a couple weeks back.  I loved it shape and chunkiness and thought it would be perfect painted white and distressed.

I've placed it on the small table between the two armchairs in the living room.  It looked a little lonely all by itself so I added two rocks from my ever growing rock collection.  I think it make a nice, simple display.

Rock collection you say? 
I know it may seem a little weird but here in Minnesota it's what's available to pick up as we wonder around on camping trips and to the cabin.  It's become a bit of a family tradition to look for a perfectly round, white rock.  We have found a few that are very close but as of yet the perfect rock has been allusive.  It's still fun to hunt for it though, which is how my collection continues to grow and why it seems I like to use them around the house during the summer.  They remind me of warm days, sunshine and fun with the family.


  1. Love that chippy candle holder and rocks too!

  2. That's a great candleholder, Robin...wonderful shape and the paint really brings it out! The rock are organic and fun!


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