September 12, 2012

Are You Going?

Junk Bonanza

The Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota is a day away and I can hardly contain my excitement!
I try to go every year, but sadly I miss the Bonanza last year.  I plan to it up this year by shopping HARD!
Although it starts Thursday I'm going to have to hold my excitement in a little longer until Saturday when I'm able to make it there.
Will any of you be going as well?


  1. Robin,
    I actually won tickets to go.And sadly I cannot go now! I am so bummed.I just received my tickets in the mail yesterday.I am trying to find some friends to give them too!Have a great time!

  2. I wish I could! It sounds very exciting!!! Have a good time and I hope you find lots of treasures.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Hi Robin,
    I'm going tomorrow at 10 AM....I'll save you some "treasures" LOL!!! I just enjoy looking and it's nice if I find something!

  4. No, but just because I live too far away. I am going to try to go to the Country Living Fair and Springfield Extravaganza this weekend though. Have fun and buy some cool stuff!

  5. We went to the Junk Bonanza for the first time this year. It was super fun, but insanely busy. Definitely an experience. I only brought home a couple things.


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