December 4, 2012

Sheet Music Ornaments

It seems every spare moment since Thanksgiving has been filled with Christmas crafting.  I've been having a blast!
Most of my decorating is done but I've been holding off sharing anything until I've added a few homemade items to my displays.
In the mean time, I can show off bits and pieces of the crafts I've been having so much fun making.
The first project I finished was new ornaments for my living room tree.  I'm going with an all white and silver theme this year which looks amazing I think.   Using sheet music, glittered silver stars and basic wood shapes from the craft store I made ten of these for the tree.
I love how they turned out.  Some are circles . . .

And some are oval. 
It's been ages since I've made ornaments and I've rediscovered the how much fun it is.

I also painted and glittered a few over sized snowflakes.

Added some tiny snowflakes too!

I filled in the rest of the tree with various white ornaments I had like this star.

To add sparkle I hung beaded icicles from the dollar store.  I really should go back to see if they have more.  I love how they look.

A beaded garland.

And some crystals.

I love using all white and silver on the tree.  It really pops out against the green.
The whole effect makes me smile.
Enjoy your day,
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  1. Robin your ornaments are beautiful! LOVE this look!

  2. Robin, your handmade ornaments are gorgeous! I had planned to have the girls in my girls club make some much like these. I am for certain now that I've seen yours. They are really sweet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Beautiful tree. I love all of your homemade ornaments. I made some myself this year and love them. Such fun!

  4. Hi sorry to comment about an old post. I tried to ask you this on your June 30, 2010 post entitled "headboard Shelf tutorial," but I'm guessing you don't read those old posts' comments. Anyway, built the headboard shelf and it's beautiful, but I have no idea how to attach it to the wall without drilling a big old screw through the front and messing it up. I went to Menards, searched all over the internet, and couldn't find anything that I thought would work. Could you tell me how you attached your shelf to the wall? Thanks and sorry! I'm super desperate!

  5. So pretty!! I especially love the round and oval ornaments you made!

  6. Robin, your ornaments are so pretty! I have had a hard time finding some ornaments that I like this year, I just may have to make some of my own too. :)


  7. Love your ornaments! You have me thinking.... Hmmm, what to do with all my old sheet music! Thanks for the inspiration. ~Delores

  8. Pretty ornaments! Love the use of sheet music.

  9. Lovely! I love using sheet music to do crafty stuff!


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