December 6, 2012

The Living Room For Christmas

I've carried my red and white Christmas theme into my favorite and most used room of the house . . . the living room.
This years decor seems to be a mix of all my favorite things . . . a little glitz . . . a little vintage . . . and little farmhouse rustic.   Somehow it works and I'm enjoy it.
Once again this year I'm obsessed with tiny trees, hubby thinks I'm crazy - but I know I'm not.  I placed the tree in an old washtub and added white and silver ornaments.  I love all the white against the green of the branches.

The large window behind the sofa is sporting a new set of curtains just in time for Christmas.  I love the over sized plaid don't you?

My flea market splurge from this past summer is looking amazing with a painted striped runner and a enamel bowl filled with a lantern and some fresh cut branches.

I added a few white tipped pinecones to the mix too!  Under the table filling the basket is a quilt in progress.  I figure if I can't find time to finish it at least I can use it to add a pop of red.

This arrangement may have to stay around even after Christmas.  That would be ok right?

I added a tiny tree to the table between the two chairs and a few other favorite items.

Like a white tin star and a glitter house under glass that I picked up at Target last week.

Above the table I hung a frosty grapevine wreath for some texture and have to say I love the look.  A few fresh clipping and some glittered pinecones spruce the wreath up a little.  Truthfully, I almost took them off since I like the frosted wreath bare but it is a nice touch so I guess I'm keeping it for now.

The photo ledge above the chairs are filled with a mixture of holiday type items.

Like favorite photos . . .

Candles and a dear to me deer :)   . . .

A homemade glitter house . . .

And vintage finds like this angel Christmas card I found at a flea market.  Simply framed I think she adds a wonderful touch to the shelves.

I have been waiting a long time to use my little red wagon for Christmas.  Filled with bottle brush trees and feathers I think it looks positively gorgeous!

The top ledge is filled with similar items like another handmade glitter house (sadly the only one I've had time to make this year) and vintage Christmas cards.

And postcards too.

A newly purchased glitter house ornament from Target.

And a flea market find I was very excited about.  Don't you just love the illustration?

And that my dear friends is what I did with the living room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Have a fantastic day,
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  1. Robin, your Christmas room is perfect, like from a fairy tale! I fell in love with your style (it looks very Scandinavian to me) and of course I'm your newest follower :) Merry Christmas!

  2. All is so beautiful! I especially love the white table with red striped grain sack vignette!
    So cozy!
    Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous living room. You filled it with numerous items without it feeling cramped and overcrowded. Beautifully done. Love all the touches of red and your new curtains! I often leave my reds out until Valentine's Day and then I don't have to decorate for that holiday. Plus, the red cheers me during the long winter days of waiting for spring. Love your post - best Christmas post I've seen so far!

  4. i am so happy you stopped by my blog and now i can follow you. i love your style. i am putting a small tree in my washtub next year. what a great idea!!

  5. I love your holiday decorations so much. I too am a huge fan of red so this spoke to me. And I'm so jealous of your natural light. I don't get much in out house. And it's worst with the gloominess f the weather and early sunsets of winter. :)

    Anyhow. I particularly love the runner an quilt ing the coffee table with that arrangement. And your small trees are excellent. Are they real?

  6. This is adorable. You have done a WONDERFUL job. It's just precious!



  7. So pretty! Love your new curtains...they're gorgeous! I also really like the vintage Christmas things that you have framed. If you are crazy for putting a tree in a vintage tub then I guess I am crazy too! "We are two wild and crazy gals!!" (Saturday Night Live old school)

  8. Robin, thanks for the delightful tour of your living room with all of your personal touches. I hardly know where to begin because everything is so lovely and perfect! The first thing I noticed when I opened your post was your charming flea market table. LOVE it! Using the enamel pan on top filled with greens stands out so nicely. If you ever decide to sell your adorable wagon, I'm at the top of the list. Your use of reds makes everything come together so beautifully!
    Mary Alice

  9. I love your red and white! You use a lot of the vintage items I use, so I feel validated. What better use for one of those pesky unfinished quilts. I can hear myself saying "I can't work on it this month . . . It'll ruin the living room decor. ". Love your eye for detail.

  10. How beautiful! I love all the red/white in the room, and the beautiful tree, too! Looks lovely!

  11. i love this like i can not even tell you! i've been wishing for a small charlie brownish christmas tree this year and then is saw this pin and i have that same metal tub......oh, i've got to do this!!!

    your living room is so beautiful. i'm completely in love!

  12. Beautiful Robin! LOVE your little tree in that metal bucket.And I am drooling over that white chippy farmhouse table!

  13. I love all the red and white touches!! Especially the plaid pillows ;)

  14. I love love love how you elevated your tree in the tub off the floor! The whole room is gorgeous and magazine worthy!


  15. Your living room is positively gorgeous!! I love the simplicity of it and you know I adore your red and white colour scheme. And no, you're not crazy, I love the little trees too and I like what you put the tree in. The wash tub and stand are superb!!! I love it all!!! It all looks as fresh and sweet as candy! Red and white Candy canes that is. :)
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Robin you always have the best stuff! It looks wonderful, and the tree in the old washtub is brilliant! That's my favorite part.

  17. Robin, it is all gorgeous. I love you little tree in the washtub. and just about everything else in the room. It looks perfect!

  18. I love it! That washtub tree is awesome. Love what you've done to your shelves too. Mimi

  19. I love the colour combination. The curtains are just perfect with your decor, very cozy. I was thinking of having a white theme for the Christmas tree this year and yours convinced me!

  20. so lovely and inviting, robin.

    hope you will find a moment to stop by and enter a giveaway i am hosting for followers (i hope you win!):

    happy weekend to you!


  21. Loving the red wagon with bottle brush trees and touches of red in your room! So adorable! I am one of you newest followers!

  22. I love the reds and the whites. Everything you did is just beautiful. It is like you made your curtains with Christmas in mind. I also love the little glittered white church. xo Diana

  23. It all looks amazing, Robin! Love your curtains and all of your red and white touches and your tree in the old washtub.. I saw the house under the glass at Target and I was very tempted to buy it ~ now I may have to go out and see if they have any left!

  24. I love the white and red color scheme so much!! Everything is so cute!

  25. So pretty. Love the pops of red!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  26. Oh I love it! Every single thing! I bought that same little house from Target this year! Target always has a few things I have to purchase each year!

  27. Hello, new follower here and I’d like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  28. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home and have a Merry Christmas!

  29. Stunning!! love the touch of red, especially the table runner and the drapes!

  30. There is so much of your decor that is not 'Christmas-specific', so like the arrangement on your table, it can stay up all winter long and look beautiful. I tried to decorate my front porch like that this year - for winter - so that it looks appropriate right into spring.

  31. Oh, you have such a beautiful Christmashome! Love it! I'm a new follower ;-)

    xx Margriet

  32. Gasp! I love it all!!!! I think everything looks so beautiful and fun...I really love your tree in the wash tub. I'm thinking you should keep the red all year looks so good in your living room! That deer is so precious too.

  33. Hi Robin! I just love your mix of styles and color!! My tastes are eclectic, too! There are elements I love from several different styles! I am still working on my house, and hope to have some pics ready by Monday night! I am going to look around and see what containers I have that my little tree could fit in! Thanks for the idea! I have an old galvanized tub, but I think it's too big! Gonna check, though!

    Also love the lantern and greens in the enamel bowl! Just awesome!
    Christmas joy to you!

  34. Forgot to ask where your curtains are from...or did you make them?


  35. Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured later this evening!
    Have a fantastic week ahead!

  36. I love your Scandinavian-farmhouse style, Robin! The cheerful splashes of red look fabulous against the sea of white.

    I'm so glad you visited my cottage and linked to Time Travel Thursday. I'm now a follower of your lovely blog. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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