October 9, 2013

Autumn Hutch

The hutch in the living room has always been an intimidating space to decorate for me.  The struggle seems to be finding the balance between too much and not enough.  

If you stop by often, you already know how much I enjoy a simple look.  On the other hand, I like a layered look this time of year since it seems more cozy.  Sometimes merging both the simple and the layered looks can be tricky.  
Which brings me to the hutch.  
Starring at a stark naked hutch always gets me shaking in my boots - or flip flops whichever the case may be.

Thankfully, this seasons display went together surprisingly quick.
I think I've achieved that tricky balance between too little and too much that I enjoy so much.
I may be getting just a little better at this.  LOL

I wanted to use a mixer of ironstone, grapevine, silver and wood to give the hutch a warm collected feeling. Pops of red here and there just make me happy.

A newly acquired wood box from the thrift store allowed me to add a hint of warm wood.

The bottom half of the hutch is a mixer of the same.

A new wood pedestal is the perfect place to place a white pumpkin.  I almost didn't buy the pedestal but now I'm so glad I did.

Dried Hydrangea's from the garden helps me hold on to my garden just a little bit longer as everything outside gets crispy and brown.

The wire baskets don't match but I didn't think that mattered too much.  I'm loving how they look on the hutch filled up with pretty items.

There you have it, my autumn hutch.

Whew, so glad that's done.  
Now I can move on to the rest of the room.

Have a great day everyone,


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  1. Oh yes, I like it!! Yours photos inspire and make me think to do and move anything in my home!! So ..have a good time in others rooms!! Hugs

  2. I just love your hutch! You have filled it with so many treasures that I love, like the wire baskets, vintage silver, and those cute white pumpkins. I bet you have alot of fun changing it out for the seasons!

  3. It looks great! I always find the mix of too much and not enough stuff troublesome too, but I think you found the perfect balance. I love the mix of elements too...especially the hydrangeas and wire baskets :)

  4. I love it...your hutch looks great!!

  5. Great ideas! And just the right amount of stuff!

  6. Your hutch looks amazing! I also love the pretty beadboard star on top.

  7. I just love your style, Robin...this is beautiful and charming!

  8. Oh Robin, you hit all the right notes with this lovely vignette! I will feature tomorrow at HSH!

  9. Love this, Robin, you did a great job pulling it all together. the metals are a great common denominator!!


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