December 17, 2013

Family Room Holiday Decor

Good Morning!

Are you getting tired of touring my holiday home? It's been a while coming but this is the last post - - I promise!

Today were touring the family room.  

When I first started thinking about what to do in this room I was stumped.  I'd used all my matchy-matchy pretty stuff upstairs.  After thinking about it a while I decided to adopt an anything goes state of mind.  All my somewhat "tacky" vintage Christmas decorations that I love but never know how to incorporate into the upstairs decor would now be showcased in this room instead.

I started by the back door with the boot cubby and coat rack.

A simple basket, a stack of books and a lantern added a little something pretty to this space.

A whitewashed grapevine wreath hangs from the hooks on the coat rack.  Red ribbon add a pop of color along with the deer head tassel hanging in the middle.

On the shelf above, I placed a small village of glitter houses and some pretty trees.  The adorable tree on the right was pasted down to me from my mother-in-law years ago.  Thanks Cindy!  Doesn't it look cute with the glitter houses?  I love all the wooden ornaments hanging on the tree.

On the hutch surrounding the television more hand-me-down decorations show up.  The sign is one of my favorites and the girls love the stacking Santa.  It's always been a big hit with any little ones in the house.

I filled another shelf in the hutch with pictures of the girls from Christmas's past surrounded with a few favorite items of mine.

The final shelf received one more framed family photo and some little deer.  I love getting this photos out every year.  It's so nice to look back at the fun the girls had at Christmastime.

Our one and only full sized tree belongs to the girls.  
They picked it out at the store, set it up and decorated it all by themselves.  I thought they did an amazing job.  Isn't it pretty!

On the shelf next to the tree I've arranged a few favorite items also.  I had so much fun with this shelf.

A framed Santa, a Santa boot, Santa figures and tiny porcelain deer fill up one side of the shelf.

In the middle, tiny glitter houses crafted by my little ones.  Aren't they cute.  The small, bare tree in the middle was my grandmothers.

On the other side of the shelf a grouping of trees, books and Santa candy molds makes a nice display.

I found this sweet little basket at the thrift store recently which I just added to the mix.

Below the shelf, a half finished art project by one of the kids from three years ago is propped up on the ledge.  At this point I not sure if I want anyone to finish it, it's sort of sweet just the way it is.

Hanging on the wall above the train is a newly found Christmas items that I fell hopelessly in love with.  It reminds me of so many vintage holiday cards I've seen featuring pretty candles on it.  The little bells at the bottom is a nice touch as well.

In the corner of the room a large desk received my favorite vintage Christmas tablecloth.  Don't you just love the pretty designs - - oh look, more bells!

This is the point I may have jumped right over the "too tacky" threshold . . . behind the desk I hung popcorn plastic shaped Santa's on either side of the window. . .

The window it's self is draped in colored lights and tinsel.  I realize to some the Santa's may see horribly ugly but for me, they just make me smile and remind me of my childhood.

On the desk itself I placed a mini tree in an urn, a glittered reindeer and some vintage candles.

How can you not smile when you look at that cheerful snowman face!

This candle ring is a new find too!  I almost squealed when I saw it in the store.  Maybe you can help me out on this one but does anyone know when these were popular Christmastime decor?  I know their popularity is not what it used to be but for some reason I am drawn to them.  This one in particular has just the right balance between pretty and tacky that I love.  It's downright pretty stacked on top of a vintage book.

And finally just for fun, I made this Santa to hang from a vintage clothes hanger.  He's looking a little lonely all by himself so if I have time I may make a few more to give him some friends.

And that my friends is the Family Room.

Hope you enjoyed looking around.



  1. Очень красиво!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your "tacky", don't quite know what to do with them, room!! and just so you know,,,its not that tacky!! It all works somehow and it is a room filled with special memories which is one of the things Christmas is all about! Thanks for showin us all your wonderful holiday rooms! I have got to get busy trying to get some good shots of the rest of my rooms! Have a great day!

  3. Your living room is full of comfort and joy! Very nice!

  4. So fun, Robin! I love the santas around the window, great memories! And my favorite piece is the half finished art sweet!

  5. I love how you always mention and include your girls in your blog and project. Your home is always a special blessing to visit. Have a great day.

  6. Robin- I really like how you have kept things simple and sweet and that you have Santas around that are "kid loving". I don't think anything is tacky at all. I think it is perfect and you have honored your family by putting out things that everyone loves. Great job- Wow- Christmas is coming up fast! xo Diana

  7. I like how happy your room is. I really love your wreath with the red tassle.

  8. Thank you Robin, for taking the time to visit me over at my place and best taking the time to leave a comment.
    Love the old fashion feel of Christmas here. It reminds me of Christmas at home as a child...all good in my eyes.
    I went back to see more of your older postings to find that you are quite the paper artist, I love working with vintage book ephemera and I try to make as much time as I can creating with paper.
    Love your book page tree, in all my years of papering I have never made a tree, you are inspiring me to try my hand at one.

    A beautiful Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    A joyeux Noël


  9. Robin, I seriously doubt that you could decorate "tacky" if you tried to. I've enjoyed seeing your house Christmas tour!

  10. What a fun room - and I love all the personal touches. Those popcorn Santas really remind me of my childhood, too. I think we used to have the same ones! I adore all your little village houses, too. And the girls did a terrific job decorating their tree!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  11. Your decor is really lovely, I adore even the "tacky" Santas hanging on the wall. This room looks like a fun place for your family to spend time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. The girls did a great job on tree. The family room looks comfortable and fun!

  13. Hai una casa bellissima!Tutta bella decorata per Natale!Complimenti!Rosetta

  14. Again, all the personal touches you add to your space for the holidays Robin is just oh-so-perfect!

  15. Tacky must be my middle name, because I could go shopping in your family room. Love it all, but I think my favorite thing is the tree the girls decorated. Now, I need to go find my popcorn candles that I bought this summer. I had totally forgotten about them until I saw your Santas!

  16. Such a wonderful festive room! I love all the vintage touches. The vintage looking sign with the girl on the horse is so sweet! That deer tassel is really cool. I know both you and I love our reindeer. :) I adore your vintage tablecloth too!


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