December 19, 2013

Fun Finds - The Christmas Addtion

It's been a while since I've had a Fun Finds post.  I have been finding so many Christmas themed items lately I thought a Christmas addition Fun Finds was in order.

Lets get started with this adorable truck from Target.  I like it's vintage feel.

I was shocked and pleased at the same time to find two vintage deer at the thrift store.  I had a work hard at stopping myself from doing a happy dance right in the store.

Aren't they adorable!

And speaking of deer, this silver deer tassel was found the next time I went to the thrift store.  I think it's adds a nice touch to the grapevine wreath.

This next item may seem ugly to some I'm sure but it makes me smile.

So do these vintage candles.  Cute right!

I was so happy to find this vintage candle surround too!  Again, ugly to some, but not to me.  After the deer, it's my favorite find of the season.

Of course I couldn't pass up some vintage Shiny Brights.  I found quite a few this year.

My favorite are the red ones of course!

But then there are the blue ones that are oh so pretty too!  Don't you just love the bell shaped ones?

A shelf in the basement received quite a few new vintage items this year.  The Santa boat filled with wonderful plastic filler, the Santa figurine and the two small deer.  The deer standing up is missing a leg but that's ok, I still love him.

And finally, this sweet white porcelain basket filled with vintage trimmings was too cute to pass up.

Oh My!
Almost forgot to add Santa to the list.  
Found him back in early November you may remember.  He's been cheerfully lite up in the front yard since December first.  The my kiddos aren't very impressed but my seven year old nephew sure is.  He is all excited every time he sees Santa in the front yard.

I am so happy to have found so many wonderful vintage items for Christmas this month.

Have you had any luck?



  1. I love all your Christmas goodies! Some of them bring back memories :) That sweet blow mold Santa brings goid memories flooding back!

    I am inlove with your little red truck! Was that in the Christmas section at Target? The little tree in back is too CUTE!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your decorations bring back happy childhood memories for me. I didn't really realize until recently how all the 70's Christmas décor was plastic! It was still magical to me though. Merry Christmas!

  3. You sure found some great things Robin!!! Some of them even remind me of my childhood Christmases(now that's vintage :)
    Your photos of everything are beautiful!!!!!!!
    Have a wonder filled Christmas dear friend!!!
    hugs from me...

  4. Seriously you found the little truck at Target. I went there a couple of weeks ago and they didn't have anything that cute! I adore that!!

  5. Another lover of red making me smile! Enjoy your wonderful surroundings for this short holiday season! Would love to see more after this holiday is over, so keep in touch!

  6. Great vintage finds! Love the candle surround :) Merry Xmas!

  7. What sweet finds! I love those Shiny Brights and just can't find any! :) I need to come thrifting with you,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Oh I love your finds. My favorites are the vintage ornaments, love those.
    Merry Christmas............

  9. LOVE all of your finds, Robin! Looking forward to getting together for a little thrifting next month!

  10. When something makes you happy, grab it! I love your finds! My favorite is the deer tassel. I love primitive decor, but that elegant tassel is pretty awesome!

  11. those deer are treasures...remind me of a set that my mom had when I was young

  12. So many fun finds! I love the little truck! (I was just at Target, but didn't see them-bummer!)

  13. Nothing at all ugly in this post. I bought a similar pick up truck in country blue at Target, did not find this wonderful red one there. I have all my late mother's plastic candle rings. I use them too. Merry Christmas! Mary

  14. Oh Robin, I am right there with you when it comes to the adorable little big eyed deer, the vintage plastic items, I LOVE them! I have only found a couple of little vintage items, but I enjoy the hunt, like you do. I have not seen any deer at the thrift store, I would have snapped them up fast if I had.
    You have a great thrift store or stores near you. How wonderful and fun for you!
    Have a good weekend!
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Robin, I love "favorite finds" posts! And this one is about Christmas finds- the very best of all! I adore the wonderful goodies you found, especially the vintage ones! ♥

  16. Oh my, I am loving your fun finds....brings wonderful holiday cheer! That Target truck is absolutely adorable and my favorite is the wreath with the deer tassel...looks sooo pretty! Love your blog header:) Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Hugs, Poppy


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