April 22, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY Charm Necklace

Good Morning!

I have a very quick and easy project to share with you today.

It's this charm necklace.

When it comes to necklaces I am very picky.  I like them long and very simple in design.  I have found it very difficult to find anything that works for me in stores.

Instead, I've started making my own at home and I thought maybe you all would like to do the same.

Here are the supplies that I used.  
All of them were purchased at Micheal's.

Now before we dive into the tutorial, I want to point out that because I make my necklaces longer than normal I am able to simply slip them on over my head which makes pesky necklace clasps unnecessary.

OK, Lets get started.

Simple right!

To add a charm . . . 

And your done!

I love how quick and easy these necklaces are to make.

Here are two other necklaces I made in the same way that I have been wearing the last couple of months.  

I used the same size chain to make two different necklaces in two separate lengths.  I like that I can wear one all by itself, or if I'm wanting a chunky look I can layer them together.

Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial,

Bye now,


  1. I have a hubby who has done this for me. We put the charm on before we put the chain back together. Less work! Our theme!!

  2. I like long necklaces too. But, I get in a rut and wear the same necklace day after day.

    Your R necklace turned out great.

  3. Sweet! Love your new necklace, Robin! Thanks for the little tutorial!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Jewelry making is so fun and creative...love what you did!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be featuring this "charm" ing post at Tuesdays with a Twist today! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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