June 24, 2014

Sitting Pretty On The Porch

Good Morning!

Last week I put the finishing touches on my summer porch decorations and I have been enjoying the next look ever since.

It's one of my favorite places to sit and relax.  The room over looks my garden and the park beyond our fence line.

I brought in a old piano bench to use as a coffee table.

And filled a twig basket with my favorite spring flowers ... Pansies!

Ikea lantern make the space fun to use after the sun goes down too!  The perfect place to do a little reading on my Kindle Fire (which by the way, I love, love, love.)

The comfy sofa is covered with a hot pink quilt to help tone down the floral print I feel is a little too much.  I love how it brightens up the space with a punch of color - perfect for summer.

I still have to make some pillow covers, but keeping up the weeding in the garden has become a full time job after all the rain we have received the past two weeks.

Shelby definitely approves.  
It's become her favorite spot to keep her eye on the things and take naps.

On one side of the sofa, I place a small side table that was once used in the living room.

On top, another pot of pansies and a pretty glass box I found at the thrift store.

Below, a candle and a handful of vintage books I hope to find time to read this summer.

Off to the side, I've placed two of my favorite summertime potted plants in pink - Geraniums are so cheerful I think.

Especially this two toned variety!

On the opposite side of the sofa I placed a small shelf and a another side table.

On the floor sits an asparagus fern that I've somehow managed to keep alive since last summer - - I'm so proud of myself (house plants and I don't typically get along so well)

I filled the small shelves with a mixture of fun things I enjoy.

Like a small twig basket filled with you guessed it . .  . pansies.  
Their starting to look like they need to be replaced soon, but I'm hoping to get another couple weeks out of them.

Also added a wire basket, peat pots and vintage gardening tools.

This collection has started to take off much to my delight.

On the small side table I've added a pretty saucer to hold my splurge item for the year.

New outdoor candles.

The indoor, wax type ones can't hold up to the heat this space gets come mid summer.
I'm hoping this plastic, waterproof version works better.

I have been very pleased with them at night, they give off a wonderful glow and turn on automatically for five hours each night.

I picked them up at Target in the garden section just in case your thinking you need to get yourself some.

Oh and before you go, here's the view from my spot on the sofa!  
Pretty right.

If you happen to stop by this summer, Shelby will be saving you a spot!

Have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you soon,


  1. You have to frame that first photo of Shelby. Adorable! Your porch looks like a great place to hang out.

  2. Your porch is lovely, Robin...and the view is beautiful! That Shelby is a heart stealer...

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  4. Love your porch, and that view is amazing! Shelby is such a cutie. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  5. May I come over and snuggle on the sofa with Shelby and a good book? What a lovely porch you have to spend some lazy summer afternoons or evenings!

  6. Your porch is so fresh and pretty Robin! And clearly Shelby approves too!


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