September 17, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Vintage Rhinestones


Every come across a photo while browsing Pinterest that stops you in your tracks?

A few weeks ago I had one such moment. 

Haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Want to see what's got me all worked up?

Vintage Rhinestones

*****Sigh, So Pretty *****

Now I'm on the hunt for Vintage Rhinestones!

The sparkle . . .the unique designs . . .

I'm loving it all.

vintage pins -- wouldn't they look great on a black sweater?

I have a feeling it would be really easy to branch out into collecting rhinestone buttons too!

Vintage Rhinestone Button Bracelet Number 20 by PaulaMontgomery, $90.00
source unknown

Vintage Rhinestone Buttons

24 vintage buttons
source unknown

Over the past two weeks I've been on the lookout for rhinestone pins to start my own collection.

Happily so far I've found two . . . I'm hoping for more . . . SOON!

What have you been hankering for lately?



  1. its jaw dropping!!! loved them alllll :)

  2. LOVE old rhinestones...such pretty inspiration photos!

  3. Robin, they remind me of the ones my grandmother used to give me from her jewelry box when I was a little girl. Oh, how I wish I still had them! They were a treasure to me then, and I know they would be now. It's a shame I lost them. I do have some from yard sales etc, and I think I will make magnets for my fridge with them sometime! :)

  4. I love old rhinestones too! I have quite a few of my Mom's and my grandmother's too (so lucky)!
    I love to find the old pins and wear a few together in the winter!

  5. I can see why you want to collect them. I have a nice collection of rhinestone pins, earings, neckless, etc. Some are very old and some about 20 years old. I have some beautiful pieces of Eisenberg Ice that is stunning. I don't believe they make it anymore. It was copied in the 1940's from very old pins. It was given to me from my father-in-law. He also gave some to his wife and sister-in-law. When they died it all came to me. Go onto Google and check out Eisenberg Ice.
    Have fun collecting it.

  6. I see things all the time at sales. I will keep an eye out!

  7. I have just started my collection! I have 2 beautiful ones currently and can't wait to get more!

  8. So pretty!! I collect vintage earrings and pins too. My daughter LOVES to dig around in them. I find them tucked around the house here and there :)

  9. A friend showed me the photo of the bracelet because she knew I would like it. I collected vintage pins/brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings since about 1970 and wore them during the 70's and 80's. As 90's came around I wore more of the brooches, and it was a hunt of fun to find smaller ones so I could wear several at a time. I now make necklaces with repurposing all of the above. You will find it addictive! Or already have! Enjoy your search!

    1. Would love to see some of your items

  10. I love rhinestones (have worn brooches for years). I started making jewelry trees several years ago. My first one was with clear rhinestones. It’s still my favorite.


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