September 2, 2014

Gravel Patio Love

Good Morning!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Today I'd like to share with you my favorite spot to sit and relax when I need a break from working in the garden.

It's a simple spot.  
Just a gravel patio outside my back door but I enjoy sitting here so much I thought maybe you all would be interested in seeing what I've done with the space this summer.

Right outside by back door I put together a seating area with items I found around the house.

Two chairs and a bench used as a table makes a cozy spot to sit and relax.


I added a few items to help soften the space like the small tea light, a hand embroidered table runner and a galvanized bucket to keep an ever changing display of cut flowers from my garden.

Across from the chairs I added the chicken crate I found at a flea market back in June to use as a little table to hold my watering cans.

Adding my garden chicken I've had  for years is a fun touch I think. 

Under the chicken crate I added a small galvanized container planted with Irish Moss.  I added some pretty rocks to fill in bare spots and decided at the last minute to add the toy donkey  I stole from my daughters stash of farm animals - that tiny donkey always makes me smile.  
I love how it all turned out - - it's like a farm version of a fairy garden.  I'm keeping my eye out at the thrift store for a tractor and barn to add to it.

I also added buckets of pink Impatiens around the patio along with items like an over-sized lantern and metal sphere I picked up at Target.

I adore pink Impatiens for shady areas.

They are so cheerful I think.

The other side of the patio is looking pretty bare but it's well used.  The hammock gets alot of action throughout the day.  I'm hoping next summer I'll have some inspiration for this area of the patio.

But for now, I'll be sitting in a comfy chair enjoying the view!

Bye now,


  1. What beautiful pictures you have. It looks so relaxing and your Impatients are brillant. I love impatients - they are so easy to care for and look beautiful all summer long. I love your little donkey too. Hope you find a tractor to go with it. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Tuesdays with a Twist blog hop.

  2. What a great spot to hang out Robin. I love that little donkey too it made me smile to see it. Have a great week ahead.

  3. This is so pretty, Robin...and such a lovely view, too! I love your whimsical little donkey...

  4. What a great outdoor it all.

  5. It's a great spot to share Robin, I'm surprised you only shared it only now! Love the little details you added, so you and so relaxing!

  6. I love the donkey! I live in an RV and can't carry a lot of stuff for our patio. but I usually have herbs and I should look for little critters to decorate my pots. thank you for the idea

  7. Your patio area looks so peaceful, the perfect place to relax!! Love the bench and chicken crate. Such a delightful area!
    Mary Alice

  8. I love this post and I also love the sound of walking on the gravel. I am so in love with the little donkey and the plants in there, what a great and cute idea. I wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this post on my blog at Tuesdays with a Twist, stop by and take a peek. :-) Have a great day.


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