December 11, 2014

Christmas Fabric Garland

Good Morning!

This morning I thought I'd give you a few tips on how I made the fabric garland hanging in my living room.

I am really enjoying the look even though I feel it's a little out of the box for me personally.  

Sometimes it fun to leave your comfort zone for a little while; especially when it turns out this pretty!  LOL.

To get started, I bought six yards a white fabric at the fabric store which I cut into one inch wide by forty inch long strips using my rotary cutter.

Next I removed the curtains and curtain rod from the window leaving the mounting hardware to hold the garland.  Taking  a length of white cotton rope (clothesline rope from Walmart actually) I draped it over the window to determine how long to make the garland.  
Once that was done, the fun started.

The next and final step is very time consuming yet extremely easy.  

I found the middle of my rope, sat down in front of the TV with a pile of my pre-cut strips of fabric and simply tied a single strip onto the rope with a simple knot. 
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat until you have covered the whole half of the rope.  
Then flip and Repeat, Repeat, Repeat on the other half of the rope.  

Once you get going it's sort of fun and if you work on it while watching a football game like I did it doesn't get boring at all.  By the end of the game you'll have a fabulous new fabric garland.

Below you can see how the top of the garland is a row of knots with the fabric draped on either side of it.  As you work, just make sure that your knot it always at the top of the rope.

Once I finished creating the garland I hung it across the window.

To glam it up a little I added a string of battery powered mini lights along the top by hiding the cord under the fabric.

I then strung two lengths of beaded garland  across the length of the fabric garland to add a some sparkle.

And finally, I added three mercury glass ornaments to finish the look.

I love how it turned out.
The silver looks so pretty against the crisp white background and at night when the lights are turned on the whole thing glows.

It's really cool when the furnace kicks on and the air from the vent below make the whole garland flutter.  
It's so pretty.

Have a wonderful day now,


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  1. Totally enchanting. I can see the garland fluttering by warm air like little butterflies in the night light. What a great idea!

    Cielo, at the little white cottage in the woods

  2. That is simply stunning! I love it!

  3. If this is out of the box I want to be there too!!! Looks absolutely wonderful in your living room, and glowing at night...I bet it's beautiful!!!

  4. That is so beautiful I would have trouble taking it down after Christmas. Perhaps you can create a winter look with a change of decoration. It's stunning!

  5. That looks really pretty in your white living too. I really like it there. Cindy

  6. Thank you for partying at THT Robin. Love your fabric garland!

  7. Thanks for so much inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to following you into 2015!

  8. That really is pretty, Robin! I can just see it fluttering with the lights...

  9. This really is gorgeous! I have made garlands like this, but have not thought to remove the curtains and hang it instead for a change. Really elegant! Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Gorgeous! Your whole living room looks so pretty ;)

  11. You may be out of your comfort zone but it sure didn't hinder your creativity! I really love it, that I would even use it for a cafe type curtain. Your living room is very pretty!


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