March 29, 2015

Springtime Bedroom

We all have a favorite room in the house to decorate don't we?

For me, that room in my bedroom.

And nothing makes me more excited than giving my favorite room a mini-makeover with the change of seasons.

It breathes new life into the space and makes me fall in love with all over again.

This time of the year I love to fill the room with a mix of blue and green.

The colors always looks so pretty with the creamy white of the walls and bedding.

For me it's the perfect way to usher in springtime.

It's always fun to sew new bedding items like the quilt and this pretty pillow cover.

And the headboard shelf is always a great spot to highlight some favorite items.

I adore the mini shutters that I painted a pretty blue . . . 

It's the perfect accent to a simple boxwood wreath and some vintage clocks.

Flowers of course are a springtime essential.

No matter if they are real or fake . . . 

They somehow make the space more special.

Of course we can't forget the power of adding something vintage to the room.

To me vintage items make any space just a little more creative and special.

It doesn't have to be grand or expensive to add character to the room either.

Take these curtains for example.
Crafted from a simple vintage sheet, they add a great pop of color and pattern to the room.

And then of course there are those items that you can find ready to add instant charm to your room like this vintage train case.

The mixing and matching . . . 

the re-purposing and updating . . . 

New and old,

It's all great fun to a person like me!

It makes a simple space like a bedroom an enjoyable place to look forward to spending some time in.

Bye now, 



  1. Gorgeous. So light, bright and inviting. Love the blue floral touches.

  2. Your bedroom is SO BEAUTIFUL ♥ I especially love the blue addiction... Alexandra

  3. Can't get enough of the pictures of your bedroog. So lovely!!

  4. Love this post, Robin and I think anyone would be happy in your pretty bedroom. You have added so many wonderful touches. Your bedding is really charming!

  5. Those shutters are gorgeous, Robin! Great pop of color!

  6. This is such a lovely, relaxing room, Robin...the blue color of the shutters is SO pretty!

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  8. Very pretty. Love the pops of color and your pillows!

  9. Your springtime bedroom is looking so fresh and pretty!! Your headboard is FABULOUS! And yes, vintage accessories always add a fun unique touch to a room. I'm loving the blue and green combination too.
    You did a lovely job...I can see why this is your favorite room, Robin.
    Mary Alice

  10. Hi Robin,
    Oh How i love the mix of your old pieces with the new linen sheet curtain pannels. I have a did jut that in a bedroom, white sheets where the answer, one King sheet split down the middle and slide the rod in the hem pocket and left the salvage tattered edge frayed for a rustic look of worn and I love the inexpensive look.

    Love the piano bench tucked in the corner for extra surface space to place things, your mix in pieces of gathered and collected charm your spring room. As for having a favorite room to decorate I too use to love my bedrooms the most, but now I would have to say I happen to love my kitchen the best, that is to tweet and add to.

    A beautifully inspiring week ahead of you my dear,methane you for gracing your beautiful comment over at my place.


  11. This room is just beautiful! I love how well you use color and all the charmoing touches!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Such a cozy room! I love the quilt…the colors are so pretty! That little suitcase made me think of my grandma. She had one just like it :)

  13. Thanks so much Robin for sharing your charming bedroom with us at my party today...LOVE that headboard.


  14. So fresh and pretty!! Sadly, our room is the last to get attention :( Think I need to change that ASAP!!

  15. Robin, your bedroom is inspiring me to do something with the master bedrm and the guest room. Your room looks very pretty, spring-y and restful.

  16. I just love your spring bedroom Robin!! The quilt you made, along with the vintage fan, and all of the fresh color reminds me of a breezy spring day. It's so beautiful!
    xo Sally

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