June 30, 2015

Cruising Vintage Style: A New Bike

Hubby has listened to me talk non-stop over my love of all the vintage style cruisers in the stores the past couple of years.

He must have gotten tired of my daydreaming because come Mother's Day he surprised me with this beauty!

Made by Raiegh, I think it's considered a hybrid cruiser since it has three gears and handbrakes.

Whatever it's called, I'm smitten.

Love that he picked out my favorite color combo of all time for it also - he knows me so well.

Look it even has a "R" on the back for "Robin" - or so I tell my girls.  LOL

With our weird spring weather and my crazy schedule I haven't had much of a chance to ride it.

That is until this past weekend.

The family and I all went to a nearby park reserve that has paved biked trails and had a fabulous time biking around for a couple hours.

It was delightful and something I hope we are able to do alot of this summer.

I'm researching trails and places to go for almost every weekend we have free.  
Hope the family can keep up!  LOL

Bye Now,



  1. I hope you run the wheels off of this beauty Robin! It is so darn cute!!!!!!!
    hugs from here...

  2. NICE wheels!!! You will have LOTS of fun with it!

  3. nice bike! I am lusting after it. :-)

  4. LOVE your bike, Robin. And thanks for visiting and your lovely comments on my blog.

  5. Such A lovely bike! ITS hot enough to keep the car in the garage and go out biking! Have fun!

  6. Great bike! I was just thinking of getting mine out. I've been so busy this spring and summer so far that I haven't had time to ride it! Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

  7. What a great gift from your hubby...love everything about this bike! I'm sure you'll get lots of good use out of it!
    Mary Alice

  8. It's a beauty, Robin! I have a cruiser, too...my hubby and I were just talking about getting our bikes out and riding them again!

  9. This bike looks super cool I want one for myself.What an inspiring post, filled with meaningful lessons! I related on a few levels – including the sight of that tandem road bike, so much like the one my wife and I ride.my homepage

  10. I just started riding my bike again,when i saw you red bike.This bike looks awesome! My ten-year old is learning the old school way, but this bike may be a great purchase for my little one.I bet he'd learn to ride really easily on this bike!

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