June 22, 2015

Fresh Remix For The Dinning Room

My Dinning Room has been sitting waiting for a makeover for months now.

I have a plan;
new lighting, rearranging furniture, display idea's...but not the time to get it done.

I figured it's been sitting there with my leftover winter decor for way too long. . 

Something . . . Anything . . . Now!!!

Starting with the desk area I brought in some touches of spring . . . 

Like a little display inside a greenhouse.

And some fake flowering branches.
They look so pretty with the sign, I don't even mind that there fake anymore.

On the shelf behind the dinning table, I kept my chalkboard hanging on the wall but added a few things to make it more interesting.

Like a pretty vintage floral plate, a self painted birdhouse and vintage items like a pretty postcard and tiny bird prints that I used flower frogs to prop them up with.

On the corner table a vintage metal planter receive a trio of fake greenery from Ikea.  Do you have any of this yet?  It's my favorite - - I use it all over the house for a pop of green.  Every time I go to Ikea at least one more comes home with me.

On the Dinning Table itself I layered a new blue and white checked tablecloth and a lace edged runner to cover the horrible color of my table(still trying to talk hubby into painting it - so far it's a no - go situation)

The flower arrangement that I've had on the table for months now looks fresh and new with the tablecloth so I decided to keep it around a little longer.

That's it.  
Just a couple a simple changes to get me through the season . . . 

Bye Now,



  1. Very pretty! I do like the greenery from Ikea. I bought my first one recently and I am looking forward to getting more on my next Ikea visit. Have a lovely week.


  2. The way you bring things together is amazing. I look at your home marveling that its real, people actually live there.

  3. I love your dining room Robin, so fresh and pretty!

  4. Hi Robin, super dining room! Love what you do!!!

  5. Looking for pretty and cozy Robin. Love the way the light comes in this room.

  6. Your dining room, like the rest of your home, is so charming!! Love the tablecloth, mismatch chairs, and all of your summer touches. The bench pulled up to the table is so sweet too.
    xo Sally

    1. Thanks Sally. It's looking a whole lot more presentable now for sure! LOL.

    2. Thanks Sally. It's looking a whole lot more presentable now for sure! LOL.


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