October 26, 2015

Bling Pumpkin

I was in a crafting mood the other day and decided my plain white pumpkin needed a little something special!

A package of gems from Micheal's and some hot glue transformed it into a 
bling pumpkin.

I'm obsessed with anything sparkly lately so you can bet I'm digging this pumpkin!

I didn't take the time to put together a tutorial but I did film a mini tutorial which you can watch below if you'd like some details!

I'm thinking I need to make a few more!

How about you?

Need a Bling Pumpkin in your life!

Bye now,



  1. Love this! What a great idea and it looks fantastic.

  2. what a great idea!! Just a little bit of sparkle and bling is a great addition to your awesome white pumpkin! Enjoy the week.

  3. Oh Robin loooove this. How pretty.

  4. What a great idea Robin! Thank you so much for sharing at Create • Share • Inspire, we hope to see you back this week!


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