February 22, 2011

Living Room Tweaking

For months,
almost a year really,
this poor neglected wall in my living room has been screaming out for some attention!

Sad, looking isn't it...

The problem hasn't been that I was without idea's.  Oh, no - - idea's I've had, yet for some reason or another they have all been rejected.  I think perhaps I had been waiting on some furniture inspiration.

  Notice the lack of a coffee table and the lone chair on that great big wall.  
When the kids were small and crawling around, removing the coffee table seemed like such a great idea.  It gave the room so much more space for toys and playing.
And as much as I love the red ticking stripe wing chair, it somehow seems out of place.  I've been hoping to add more seating to the room, but I can't seem to figure out what, or how.

All this rambling on and on does have a point and I'm very excited to share the results of this weekends projects.  

I tackled that blank wall - Aren't you proud of me?

It now looks like this. 

I simply framed up a few of my favorite photos.  Added a small table and placed my favorite over sized lantern on it.

The mirror in the middle has been a project on my mind for a while.

It started out as this . . .

A simple bundle of lath strips from the home improvement store.

And a sheet of particle board and old mirror.

I centered the mirror on the particle board and glued it down with a combo of construction glue for a long term hold and hot glue from my glue gun for a quick hold so I could keep moving.

Next I laid out the lath and cut it to size.  Then removed one at a time and glued it down in the same manner as the mirror.

Next I gave it two coat of cottage white paint and dry brushed on a little black to highlight the texture of the wood.

I'm enjoying all the cracks between the lath. I was hoping for a few more but this will do.

I'm actually thinking of cutting it into a circle shape to help break up all the squares going on.
What do you think?   Is it worth a shot, or should I leave it the way it is?

All in all I'm liking the change but I'm not crazy about it, if that makes sense. 
It is an improvement over the blank wall, which I'm thankful for!
And it will work until some furnature inspiration hits me.

Until tomorrow,


Transformation Thursday


  1. Wow--excellent job! A circle would really draw the eye to it--I'm impressed with your tool skills!

  2. Robin, this is perfect! The mirror...what a great idea!!!! That wall does not even look the same!

  3. I like it, you did a great job! I am so not good w/ walls; that's why most of mine are bare!

    You are so crafty with the wood and the mirror, I LOVE it!


  4. I've got a few walls that sure need some help...this looks great~ I love what you did with the mirror! What a great project!

  5. I like that it's all square. I am loving that mirror! I love it's big chunky size and the rustic wood strips!!I think I might want to make a picture frame like it. Your wall looks so wonderful!
    A faux grain sack pillow with a red stripe down the center would look cute on your wing chair.

  6. Your wall looks great Robin...I love the mirror just the way it is. I really love your red ticking chair and I agree with Lisa that a grain sack pillow would look awesome on it! ~Deb~

  7. Pretty pink chair,I Love that square type a lot.... Gorgeous mirror,wanna have a same pattern like yours in my room...I think I might want to make a picture frame like you... http://www.vivamagonline.com such a Adorable walls..Keep it up!!!

  8. Hi Robin - I love your mirror and the entire arrangement. It really looks great! I like the mirror the way it is - I think the curve on the back of your chair gives the wall enough softness. Adorable!!

  9. I love it, Robin! You are so handy with the wood supplies, too. I would never think to build my own mirror. I love the changes you made.

  10. Well done! You put that together really good!

  11. Great idea. It looks great in the space. Big walls are hard to fill sometimes. You did a great job. I just became a follower and recently started a blog of my own. I'd love if you would visit.

  12. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing how you made that mirror, it's a great piece!

    And I like your wing chair :)


  13. Robin, I am so impressed with your mirror! I think it is amazing. I also really like your red chair. Someone already mentioned a cute pillow on the chair and I think that would make a lovely addition. Have you thought of maybe adding some greenery in the room too?

  14. i LOVE this!! what a great idea! i love the square, but a circle would be cool too. but would it break while you were trying to saw it? just thinking....

  15. Robin I love it! And I know what you mean about liking the change, but knowing it isn't set in stone! My living room has morphed and transformed so many times it's getting hard to remember what it used to look like! Love the mirror- I think it would look great either round or square! Thanks for linking this up! :)

  16. Robin I really like that mirror. Thanks for sharing how you made it. The wall looks great now.

  17. Your mirror turned out beautifully! Really, really like the look! You are so creative!

  18. wow, fabulous new look!! Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas too :-)

  19. It looks great though i do like the circle idea!
    I love your chair by the way! So cute.


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