May 14, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Good Morning!

I'm so excited to share all the changes we've made to our bathroom.  I've taken  oodles of photos to share and I apologize for that right off, I'm just so excited!

The goal for this small, windowless room was to replace outdated fixtures and to give the space a clean, crisp look.  

The room looked like this when I started.

The wall color was too bright, the flooring was cracked and peeling, the light fixture was UGLY and the faucet was worse.

The first thing I did was paint the walls with a creamy white color called Milk Paint and give the ceiling a new coat of crisp white paint.  Then hubby installed the new lighting and the faucet.  The next step was Pergo flooring, which we had installed. 

The result is a bright, airy space which I love.

The new faucet looks like this.

And the lighting looks like this.

I installed new towel hooks. . .

and thought new curtain hooks were in order also.  I picked pretty new ones from the Shabby Chic line at Target.  The shower curtain I've had for a year and still love the ruffles.

Outlet covers were replaced with basic wood covers which I painted to match the walls and then distressed (I talked more about these here).  I like the way they blend into the wall more than a normal outlet cover would.  Plus they look much more pretty than plastic ones ever could.

The flooring is called Beech Blocked and was purchased at Home Depot.  We had them install it also. 

Once all the painting and installations were complete I dove right into the fun part - -

the accessories!

For an accent color I chose variations of the color blue so everything wouldn't look too matchy - matchy.

For the area around the sink and stool I tried to keep things very simple since both the kids and guest use this space.  Everything had to be both pretty and functional.

Above the stool I place two empty frames painted a pale, barely there blue called Light French Grey by Behr.  It's such a pretty color I used it a few other places around the room.

A new soap dispenser with a vintage flair was placed on one side of the sink.

On the other side, a simple bud vase is used to hold toothbrushes.

On the small wall by the door I placed gentle reminder to the girls
(more on the sign here).

A favorite feature of the bathroom are the shelves I installed a while back.  All the display space and storage has been a welcomed addition.  Plus it puts the awkward unusable space to good use.

With simplicity in mind, I made sure to keep the two bottom shelves kid friendly yet pretty.

The first shelf holds bathroom essentials.

The second shelf  holds kid hair accessories and combs.  I hung my abstract painting (more here) above the shelf to add a little color.

The third shelf holds more bathroom essentials in pretty containers.  To add a more color I hung a framed vintage postcard above the shelf.

 A pretty glass creamer helps keep items organized.

And glass jars are used to hold things like cotton pads and  a layer cake of soap.

The top two shelves hold some of my favorite items in the room.

A collection of clocks sit in front of a mirror. . .

. . . painted with my accent color of Light French Grey.

The top shelf holds a pair of footed bowls and my favorite blue train case.

Hope you enjoyed the tour,


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  1. Oh Robin it looks wonderful!! You must be loving every second spent in your new beautiful room! So many great details. I really love the framed vintage postcard and the artwork that you made yourself!

  2. Robin, you did such a beautiful job on all your choices and the open shelving gives the room a real charm...wonderful re-do!

  3. It looks awesome! The floors are just such a huge difference, and the shower curtain is so pretty!

  4. Robin it looks so serene. I love those shelves and the touches of blue. You did a fabulous job on all the details! I like all your choices.

  5. lovely lovely as always. We have a unique little alcove like this in our kids bathroom (where the vintage wash tub is holding towels now)...I think I may put up shelves with beadboard backing in this space...thanks for the inspiration.

  6. It looks really great Robin - I love it! You did a great job and all of your pretty little touches make it really special! It's such a great feeling when you're finished with a transformation - makes you just want to keep staring at it!

  7. Great Job Robin.
    Love the new wall color, floors and fixtures. My favorite accessorie in the room is that blue train case.

  8. Robin it is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job and I love the flooring and fixtures! I am so glad that you kept your art work and hung it, it looks perfect with the blue! I love that shower curtain and the blue traveler chest. Enjoy!!! :)

  9. Love it so sweet! Small changes big difference!

  10. Lovely! I love that beadboard and shelving. Beautiful photos. Have a great weekend.

  11. Robin, I love the bathroom transformation; it's beautiful! I love the colors and EVERYTHING!!!! You did a great job. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Your bathroom turned out great. It looks so fresh and new. I love the open shelving and the floor :)

    tricia ♥

  13. Wow! It's amazing how a little goes a long way. I absolutely love your shower curtain. I've wanted a ruffled white shower curtain for a while now. Bought everything to sew one myself't gotten to that yet. :o) Story of my life. Lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a little note. I'll be coming back to yours often to see what you're up to. Love your style.


  14. Hi Robin! What an absolutely lovely and charming space! It looks so fresh and bright and you did a fabulous job. I adore that shower curtain! I'm excited to peek around at more of your posts and we are so thrilled you linked this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  15. Your bathroom turned out so great! Love that wall color. Doesn't it feel great to cross something off the "to do" list? Mimi

  16. I just love your bathroom redo! I especially like your shower curtain! All your little touches make it look so sweet!

  17. your pergo floor, does it work well in the bathroom? Im about to reno a bathroom and it seems like laminate is not an option for a main bathroom?

    ps you bathroom is gorgeous!

  18. Just changing the wall color made a huge difference! I really, really, really like your shelves in the bathroom. And those top two shelves are gorgeous! Great job!

  19. What a great bathroom...I love the shelves and the accent color is so pretty!

  20. what a wonderful makeover...i love the light and airy colors and especially that little blueish painting that my eye went right too...beautiful.

    stuff and nonsense

  21. Love it. I especially love the ruffled shower curtain and the painted and distressed wall plates. Those are amazing. I dislike the shiny plastic ones that are all over my house. Very nice!!

  22. Nice work! A fabric lines basket would make a lovely home for the rolls of TP.....add your colors down the beadboard! I could have it in every room and never grow tired of it...Very nice....

  23. Great job! Love the colors you used and all your accessories look fantastic!

  24. Very fresh and pretty! I esp. love the framed postcard, light fixture, and shower curtain hooks.

  25. Very pretty :) Love the blue soap.

  26. You had me at the shelves with the beadboard it!


  27. Love your white bathroom!
    White Wednesday!

  28. You got me at the blue and white. I love it. The transformation is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it with Kathleen at her special posting..ENJOYED!

  29. Well done! Your bathroom looks great. Love the new lighting too. Thanks for dropping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.

  30. So So pretty!! Now I want wood in my bathroom...when ever we get (can afford it) around to redoing it! You did an awesome job!

  31. Love your new space!! I am putting it in my inspiration file for either our half bath or our toilet room in the master bathroom. I love the bead board wall with shelves! You did a fantastic job!

  32. Love the bead board, the entire bathroom is beautuful.

  33. So happy I stopped by looks so pretty!

  34. Love the transformation and thanks for sharing it at WUW.

  35. What a lovely transformation! It looks so fresh and clean! I think the choices you made are perfect .The little touches and details make such a difference don't they. Great job!
    Have a pretty day!

  36. Beautiful! Love the way you used glassware to hold necessities.

  37. Every detail in this room is pitch perfect! You did such a fantastic job--your girls are lucky to have such a gorgeous bathroom.


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