July 5, 2012

Completed Front Yard Garden

The time has come to show off the new and improved front yard garden.  I'm so excited to share it with you.  First off let me say my photos don't do it justice.  To me the change is so dramatic and I'm thrilled with the results.

To review, the project started with removing ALL the rock from the base of the driveway to the front door.  Dirty, heavy, nasty rock that I thought mid-project was going to be the end of me.
(old photo from two years ago, forgot to take photos before I started this project - bad, bad blogger!)

Next I removed and relaid some of the brick edging and added new section to wrap all the way around the garden beds and down the side of the house on the left side.

After the edging was complete I moved plants around in the existing beds, and then added more plants and shrubs.

Next came mulch and lots of it.  I have to say I just love what new mulch can do for a space.

Now that everything is done I'm loving the view from the kitchen window.  I love the crisp, clean lines between the grass and the mulched beds.

The view from the street is looking good too!  Just ignore those pesky weeds growing between the bricks in the walkway.  I'm a little behind on my weeding!  I'm waiting for the flowers on the street side of the fence to grow larger and fill in.  The plants are a mixer of dwarf perennials (daylilly and meadow sage) and annuals (cherry profusion zinnia - my all time favorite annual).

The house side of the fence has filled in nicely too.  Here's the view to the left  of the brick walkway . . .

And here is the view on the right side.

Closer to the house is what I call the tree garden.  Last year I transplanted Snow on the Mountain to fill in the trouble spot directly under the tree.  I've had a hard time finding the right plant for this space but from the looks of it I may have finally found it.  I love the mass planting of a single type of plant, plus it looks nice with the existing Hosta's and Lady's Mantel.

Snow on the Mountain is such a pretty plant I think.  It can really lighten up a dark shady spot.

Plus I adore the delicate white flowers they have mid-summer.

On the other side of the tree garden is the narrow planting area along the sidewalk leading to the front door.  You probably remember this view since I've shown it before but it highlights the edging bricks, mulch and grass area so nicely.

Here's a better view of the area taken from in front of the fence.  Eventually I'd like to add a few small sized hydrangea's to this area but that will have to wait until next year at this point.

I also added a few stepping stones to give us a spot to get from the sidewalk to the grass area near the front door. 

I'm waiting for some of the shrubs to finish blooming before I trim them.  They are a little overgrown at the moment but who could cut off all these pretty flowers.

I do have one area that still needs a little attention.  Right along the driveway's edge we have had a washout problem from our rain gutter downspout.

I think we have a handle on the problem and soon I'll be filling in the ditch - - once again.  Then I'll plant some more grass seed and fix the mulch next to the fence.

And there you have it. 
A completed front yard makeover.  I'm loving the results of all my hard work.  Makes me start looking for more area's in the yard to start yet another garden.  Shhhhhh, don't tell my husband!

Have a lovely day,


  1. It's lovely...the flowers against the white picket fence look fabulous...nice job...enjoy it!!

  2. It's lovely...the flowers against the white picket fence look fabulous...nice job...enjoy it!!

  3. All your work has paid off... your yard looks amazing! I love how you have planted inside and outside the fence. Everything is just beautiful.

  4. you do have alot to be proud of, it looks amazing. Your flowers are already large and healthy!

  5. It looks so good! Love your picket fence and the flowers by it. You have worked very hard and it shows...great job!!!

  6. Your yard is gorgeous, Robin! Love all of the perennials and flowers ~ they give your yard such a cottage feel along with your white picket fence!

  7. Your yard looks so pretty! I really like the mulch around everything; it's makes everything looks so clean and fresh. I recently remulched a raised flower bed I have and loved how better it looked. Right now the weeds have taken over just about everything. I just get weeds pulled and then there they are again; Crazy! :)

    I haven't been around much, but wanted to mention too, i just love your living room and your 4th of July decor. I love the white with the pops of red; it's just so pretty! I am in love with the color of your walls; it's so crisp, but yet warm. :)

    Hope your summer is going well! We are trying to stay cool. :)

  8. Wow that looks like a lot of work. Everything looks so fresh and lovely. Now that you're done you can come to my house and do the same.

  9. Oh, Robin, you've been working hard! It's really paid off. Everything is just gorgeous!

  10. Robin, you deserve an award for all your hard work this year. The yard looks fabulous! I really love the flowers up against the fence. I'm sitting here thinking where I can put a picket fence now.

  11. Robin, your yard is so lovely! I have been wanting to put a fence in our front yard for quite some time...yours is so inspiring...I can't wait to share it with my husband! Pinned, too!

  12. It makes me tired just thinking about all that work! But it sure looks nice. Love that flowered shrub. So pretty. Mimi

  13. Oh Robin it looks so beautiful!! All that hard work, but now you get to enjoy your lovely cottage garden everyday. What a treat! I just love all the wonderful flowers aand greenery!

  14. I absolutely love what you have done with your yard! I esp. Adore the edging, you mentioned it was brick. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the brick you used to edge the beds? I think it would be perfect for what I am hoping to do. Thank you!

  15. Fantastic job! What about a rain barrel under the downspout?


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