September 17, 2012

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece

With the weather turning cooler by the day, my mind has shifted towards all things autumn even as my heart screams "I'm not ready".  Don't get me wrong I love autumn, it's safe to say it's my favorite season.  But I feel as if summer past by much to quickly and I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to.
Blogging and home projects were pushed to the side.  Instead I filled my days with trips to the pool, bike rides and field trips.  The girls and I had a great time.  But now it's back to work.  The girls have been in school for a week and a half and slowly . . . oh so slowly I'm getting back into the groove and I feel the urge to decorate my home for the fall.
Before getting started on that I've been quickly snapping photos of the few projects I did manage to accomplish this summer in order to show them off.
Today I'm highlighting one of my favorite projects,  a rustic farmhouse style centerpiece.  I love the way it turned out, after a month of using it I'm still loving it and almost hate to change it.
Want a look?
Maybe I'm silly but I think it's beautiful.

Candles . . .

And rocks have been my go-to decor favorite the whole summer long.

Plus I'm loving a how much the new wood looks like old barn board.  And it's quick and easy to pick up and move out of the way if project or homework space is needed.

I've layered the centerpiece above my new ruffled tablecloth and a quick and easy drop cloth runner that I simply zig-zagged the edges.  I love how it adds a tiny ruffle or texture to the edges.

The paint technique I used is also very quick and easy. 
 I have a tutorial on it here.

To build the centerpiece I simply took two pieces of 1X4 and cut them to the length I wanted.  Next I cut out three,  four inch section from a piece of scrap 1X2 for the legs.

After marking the center on the legs,

I simply used finish nails to attach the legs from the top.

I think the building process took me less than fifteen minutes.  The painting took another fifteen minutes tops and then I just had to wait for it to dry.
There is just nothing like a quick and easy project.  It's even better when it turns out like this.
I'm working on some ideas for a fall arrangement since I'm not ready to give it up quite yet.
Hope your all having a wonderful day, talk to you soon,
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  1. oh my gosh I LOVE this! This would be handy to if you don't have the rocks on it to put serving dishes on instead of just the normal sitting on the table. Thanks for the tutorial for the painting part, I might try it on one of my wedding projects I am going to be starting soon.

  2. It looks awesome! Your scraping paint technique is on my mental list of paint treatments to try. :)

  3. This is gorgeous, and it would go perfectly with the conference tables at my office.

  4. Robin - What a pretty tablescape. It's so simple but so breathtaking.


  5. Your table looks great. Love the wooden piece you built.

  6. Oh Robin, that looks fabulous, the rocks are very summery, but you can just replace the rocks with pumpkins and gourds and fall-ish times and keep the lovely candlesticks. Whatever you do will be very nice, you have the touch, girl.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. love the center piece, it looks fantastic, what a great idea!

  8. This turned out awesome. I love the paint finish.

  9. I think it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mind if I pin it?

  10. I love this! Thank you so much for posting it. I can't wait to make it! (or actually make my husband make it for me)

  11. Love the simplicity, yet beauty of your centerpiece.
    Mary Alice

  12. love love love
    this centerpiece

    very Autumny
    without being kitchy

    just stopping by
    from Common Ground

    now following via GFC!


  13. It IS beautiful...natural and crisp, weighted but a calming color. I love the neutral pallette featured here.

  14. I am making something similar and linking back to you. thanks for the insipiration

  15. this is so beautiful in such a simple lovely way! the candlesticks and the stones being elevated has so much style! thanks for joining in for the party.

  16. I love your simple centerpiece. I am always creating different centerpieces, but our table is small so they have to be removed for every meal. If I didn't have to move it, I would definitely create something like yours.

  17. I love this centerpiece - it looks so rustic and elegant at the same time! I'd probably make something like this when my little one starts to appreciate these things more instead of just trying to pull everything and play with it!

  18. Hey I like it I'm always looking for new centerpiece. I think it's so easy to make. I love the idea,and already have the rocks thanks

  19. This is gorgeous yet so simple. I will be making this soon! xoxo Ari xoxo

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  21. I love doing diy project. It is because these projects are pretty engrossing. I highly appreciate this DIY project-making a rustic farmhouse centerpiece. Thank you for sharing your idea.


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