August 20, 2012

Freshy Clipped Hydrangea's and a New Ruffled Tablecloth

Good Morning!

How is it possible that we find ourselves beginning the last two weeks of August!  I realized this morning that my kids have two weeks and two day until school starts - - - WHAT!!!!!!.  It seems I've been enjoying my summer of laziness a little too much and better get my act together soon!

Speaking of which, while watering the slightly too crispy looking flowers in my garden this morning I couldn't resist the urge to clip a handful of Hydrangea's.  Since I thought they would be perfect to help show off my newly sewn tablecloth I didn't hesitate . . . much.

Ahhhhh, nothing beats a jar full of Hydrangea's . . . back to these beauties in a minute.

First take a look at my newly finished tablecloth.

This has been one of many projects in the back of my mind for the past few months.  After procrastinating most of the summer, last week I dug out the sewing machine and a set of Lenda curtains purchased at Ikea.  One of the curtains I simply laid over the table as the base.  The second curtain I cut up to make the ruffle.  After pinning the ruffle to the base I quickly sewed it on and I was done!  Super simple and quick.  Now my nasty oaky table honey won't let me near with a paint brush is all covered up.  (hmmm, wonder if honey will at least let me paint the chairs?)

Now back to the beautiful Hydrangea's.

This bunch were clipped from my Limelight Hydrangea's.  I love that they are just starting to get a touch of green and a dusting of pink to them.

I think they are just gorgeous at this stage.

Since the flowers were so pretty and I didn't want to just set them down and walk away.  Such beauties deserved a little more of my attention.  A set of jelly molds I picked up at a recent flea market were set between the jars of flowers to hold tea lights.

Vintage handkerchief's from my collection were set out to use as napkins.  This is something that I have been doing for a while now for special occasions.  I love the pretty designs you can find and the pop of color they add to the table is a welcomed addition.  

There you have it.  Hydrangea's and a tablecloth.  Pretty exciting stuff for me! 

Just because I can't help myself, here's one more pretty photo for you.

Enjoy your day,
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  1. Your flowers look lovely in the blue Ball jars! Also love the sweet ruffled tablecloth. I just found your blog thru the blogroll on House of Hawthrones :)

  2. Very pretty table setting, Robin! Your flowers are gorgeous and those cloth napkins are really sweet. Great job on the tablecloth, too!!

  3. Very pretty table setting, Robin! Your flowers are gorgeous and those cloth napkins are really sweet. Great job on the tablecloth, too!!

  4. Your table looks so pretty. Your hydrangeas would be pretty dried this winter. I love repurposing Ikea tablecloths.


  5. Such a lovely tablecloth Robin! In fact the whole table is just so pretty! Thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. :)

  6. your hydrangeas are so dainty and pretty, robin! such a pretty tablecloth and tablescape:) love the idea to paint the chairs, too--good luck with honey! our kids have gone back already! enjoy the last of your summer:)

  7. Your tablecloth is beautiful! Great job. Love your ball jars, flowers, and jelly molds too. All so pretty!

    1. LOVE your tablecloth, Robin. I love hydrangeas, too, and this is a good reminder to go get mine harvested! Wonderful photos! xo Diana

  8. YOU HAD ME AT HYDRANGEAS BUT THEN PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE WITH THE RUFFLED TABLECLOTH!! ahhh sigh - completely fab! I wish I could come over & get that tablecloth and put it on MY table - remember, I think we have the same one...ugh! xoxo

  9. What beautiful images! Enjoy these last weeks before school starts again! X

  10. Gorgeous, Robin! What a beautiful tablecloth, too! My Limelights are in full bloom, too, and are curiously happy --- even after the drought we had this summer! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Your tablecloth is beautiful, Robin...and hydrangea in aqua jars...perfect!

  12. I just love it all! Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Your ruffled tablecloth is beautiful, you did a great job on it. The hydrangeas are lovely!
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. LOVE your tablecloth's so simple but so pretty! I'd like to make one myself but I'm not exactly an expert at sewing. Would you mind giving more details on how you made the ruffle and the size of the ruffle? Any extra info would be great! Thank you!!

  15. Robin,
    I love the way you put together 'things' and wonder if I could pay you for a jpg. of a photo of blue mason jars with hydrandeas? Would you contact me at so I can speak with you in more details.
    "Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path." Ps.119:105


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