September 23, 2013

Hydrangea's From The Garden

This time of year I find myself clipping Hydrangea's at an alarming rate.  I can never quite bring myself to clip any during the summer. But now it seems I have to do it fast before they all go bad.

I clipped a handful of Limelight Hydrangeas to make a simple centerpiece for the dinning room table.  First I laid a new lace tablecloth on the table that I hope will work perfect for Thanksgiving - just to try it out.  LOL.  
Then placed a simple footed cutting board on top. 

To hold the Hydrangea's a new glass jug was called in to help.
I adore it's wire and wood handle. 

And of course the pretty etching on the sides is a nice detail too.  I have know idea what this jug was used for in the past, but when I found it at the thrift store I knew it would be perfect for flowers.

For the kitchen, I clipped a handful of Annabelle Hydrangea's that have turned to their pretty autumn green color.

The flowers look so pretty resting in a mini bushel basket and sitting on my vintage step stool.

It seems to me it's the perfect pairing.

So how about you?
Have you been clipping flowers like crazy before the frost gets them?


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  1. OH this is beautiful, Robin! The jar was a great find, too! My hydrangea didn't have any blooms this year :( Every once in awhile we have a year like that...

  2. I need to go out an clip mine. I don't like to clip them when they first start blooming unless I really want an arrangement in the house. The vase is very pretty, I also love the table cloth.
    Happy Fall.

  3. Ohhh how pretty! My neighbor has some big annabelle hydrangeas that she told me I could take. I got have to find a container of some sort that looks as good as yours. xo

  4. Just watered my hydrangeas tnite and thought I should clip an arrangement. Very pretty!

  5. Your hydrangeas are gorge, Robin, and I love the containers you've chosen. The green and white look so pretty together!!
    Mary Alice

  6. The drought got ours by late summer. Yours look very pretty. I believe that is an old pickle jar. I have a couple too and use them for luminaries.

  7. These hydrangeas are gorgeous. Like you, I can't bring myself to cut any of mine until this time of the year too.

  8. That is beautiful! And I love the step stool. We used to have one like that in the house I grew up in. What a treasure! Anyway, I was just going out to clip a bouquet of rudbeckia and purple asters. The colors are brilliant right now - and soon they'll be gone.

  9. P.S. I'm your newest follower on GFC and Feedly! :-)

  10. Simply gorgeous!!!
    I think I have a crush on your vintage step stool ... :-)

  11. That looks like a pickle barrel to me, I think. Your hydrangeas are beautiful in the jar as well as the basket. It looks wonderful sitting atop the vintage stool.


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