September 20, 2013

A Farmhouse Stool

For years I've longed to find a farmhouse style stool.  I've come across small ones, wobbly ones, and not so fabulous ones but never the perfect one.

That all changed with a trip to the thrift store last week.  Sitting in the furniture section was the perfect sized, non-wobbly stool.  It was paint splatter but solid and for only four dollars I quickly put it in my cart feeling like a thief - - but giggling to myself over my amazing find.

After two coats of cheerful red spray paint, my farmhouse stool is looking oh so perfect in the corner of the kitchen.  I have a feeling this beauty will be moving around the house quite a bit but for now I'm loving it in the corner.

To get started on my Autumn decorating, I dug out three small jack O lanterns that I had given a face-lift to last year.  The kids love them since they light up and now that I've taken care of the nasty orange color they original were I'm loving them too!

If your at all interested in making one for yourself, you can revisit the post on it here.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. I'd love to do a stool too but you are so right about them! Glad you found the perfect one. I love the red hue with the white pumpkins. Lovely!


  2. The stool is cute! The vignette is cute! It all looks cute, cute, cute!!

  3. Great decorations and quite the adorable red stool!!!!
    I'm google-ing thrift stores in my area!

  4. That's a sweet little crochet towel too! I think I like the pumpkins white rather than orange. ANd what a find! I can't believe the price of your new stool. It looks beautiful with the red paint!

  5. What a fabulous find! I see Christmas decorations in that stools future : )

  6. I love love love love love your farmhouse stool!!! Great gams on that girl!!

  7. That is a fabulous little stool and it is so sweet in it's coat of red paint! You will smile when you see what I painted and the colour of it.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, cindy

  8. This is so charming, Robin...I can just imagine it at Christmas with a little tree! LOVE your sweet jack-o-lanterns, too!

  9. Oh, that stool is gorgeous! I think red is a great color for her. Great find!

  10. Love your creative makeover with the pumpkins. They are wonderful!


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