November 6, 2013

Fun Finds

This week I have some wonderful finds to share with you.  

Lets start things off with this fantastic typewriter table.  Don't you just love it.

Truthfully I brought this beauty home from the thrift store way back in September.

As soon as I walked in the door with it my eldest daughter claimed it for her room!  She used it as both a bedside table and then recently as a vanity table to side at and do her hair and makeup on school days.  Just last week she informed me I could have it back if I wanted.  I snatched it out of her room right away and brought it downstairs to pair up with my wing back chair.

I just love this table.  
It adds a little industrial flair to the space.  Plus it looks pretty with a few accessories to add personality.

The train case underneath the table is also a recent find.  Doesn't it just seem perfect for fall?  I adore it.

A set of miniature bottle with lids was my steal of the week on my last trip to the thrift store.  I found four mini bottles for two dollars which I thought was a fabulous price.

As always, white dishes in any shape or form is welcomed to come home with me.  I found four butter pats to add to my collection.

And the last item of day has me very, very excited.  Pam will understand.

Pam!  Pam!  Pam! 


I'm crushing on Santa . . . How about you?
I was hoping to find a snowman for Christmas time but this cute Santa with his fading colors will do just fine too!  I'm hoping Santa will be the first of many in my vintage collection of Christmas blow-molds.

Have you had any fun finds this week?

Can't wait to hear.



  1. Eeek! It's Santa! Looks like he's making his list and checking it twice! He's amazing. Hope there's a snowman in your future too!

  2. Love your typewriter table - I can totally identify with a daughter stealing things for her room.

    I have my needles in a similar bottle on a shelf and I always can find a needle now.

  3. Lots of fun finds, that Santa! I really like old typewriter tables, too, and have one in my entryway!

  4. Robin- I actually used to WORK at one of those typewriter stations! lol And Pam is gonna be SOOOO mad when she sees that Santa you found! LOL xo Diana

  5. Great finds - I used to have one of those typewriter tables also, can't remember what I did with it. Oh well... You have some great ideas on your finds,especially the glass bottle for needles - can NEVER find one when I need it.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Looks like you got some great vintage finds on your last outing! I love that typewriter table too. It's so versatile!

  7. Love the typewriter table. Now I will be looking for one. lol. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me with each post.

  8. Love that table. I will have to keep my eyes open for one!

  9. Your little table is great! I love a touch of industrial. And the train case is fun, too (I collect them!)

  10. I haven't been out much this week. But last week I found a couple of great buys at Lowes and Target. A lampshade at Lowes for under $5, and a couple of kitchen signs at Target for $1.78 each. Strange price, huh?

  11. Nice finds! I love the typewriter table and the train case. The little bottles look like the ones children's vitamins came in when I was little. :o)

    I have just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it immensely. I invite you to visit mine when you have time.

  12. You found some great things while you were out! The table looks wonderful next to the wing-back chair! The train case fits perfectly underneath. Isn't it fun to be surprised while shopping? I love the excitement you feel on the drive home....thinking about where you are going to put your new found treasures.
    You have a very nice blog!! I enjoyed my visit here.

  13. Love the typewriter table and train case. I'm normally not into Santas, but this vintage one is fantastic!

  14. The typewriter table is fabulous! I love it and it looks very nice next to the lovely wingback. I also adore the train case and everything else you found. You have had a good few weeks of thrifting!
    My only good find was my turquoise Pyrex bowl, vintage of course!!!

  15. Lots of fun finds, that Santa! I really like old typewriter tables, too, and have one in my entryway!
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