March 18, 2014

Artist In The Making

Good Morning!

Today I'd like to share with you some of the artwork my twelve year old daughter Jasmine has been doing lately.

Her talent and creativity is so amazing. I just can't help but be so very proud of her.  

Her favorite thing to draw are cats.  
She names them all and gives each one a personality all it's own.

The walls in her room are covered in drawing and painting all her own.

I have this drawing framed and hung in my studio.
I rescued it from her throw-away pile the second I saw it.  Couldn't believe she was going to throw it away . . . apparently it didn't turn out . . .but I love it and it's become a favorite of mine.

She doesn't know I took this photo from a school project.  The main character is her signature self portrait and I love that it also includes one of her cats.

And finally, one more portrait that struck me as pretty as I was wondering around her room this morning looking for something to share with you all today.

It's just one of her doodles but I love it.

I cannot wait to see where Jasmine's art will take her.
You can be sure I'll be proud of her each step of the way.

bye now,



  1. Your daughter is so talented indeed!! What a pleasure it must be to see her using her artistic abilities right now.
    Mary Alice

  2. She is very talented...her drawings are beautiful! Love the self portraits. You must be one proud mama:)

  3. She is quite the graphic artist, indeed there will be a demand for her in the field of arts.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me, and leaving a comment that encourages all that I create, design and treasure.


    I am off to read some l'Oder postings catching up on what I have missed.

  4. Great job! She might be a famous illustrator some day!

  5. Great talent! Good for you snagging those treasures and keeping them!


  6. Your daughter is very talented, Robin! It is wonderful that you encourage her! I knew my daughter was an artist from an early age, too. There are lots of classes around ed etc...that are fun for kids and let them explore. Also, so much is offered in school now, too. It will be fun for you to see where it takes her!

  7. My husband is a professional artist and he was sketching much like your daughter when he was your age.

    Encourage her all along the way!

  8. You have a very talented young artist, it will be interesting to see what she does with this talent as you matures. Good for you for being such an encouraging mom. That is so important isn't it. Have a great day!

  9. Yup,she truly has the creativity and talent! I wonder where she got that from???! wink* wink*


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