October 9, 2014

Corner Hutch Makeover

Good Morning!

For a very long time I have been on the hunt for a corner hutch to place in my dinning room.  Countless times I've been on the verge of trying to build my own.   Last week at the thrift store all my waiting was rewarded when I found one for under twenty dollars.

(Insert squealing, happy dances, maybe even some fainting)

To say the least, I was thrilled.  

Once I hauled it home I realized it wasn't going to fit where I wanted it to go.  Bummer right . . . excitement meter when down a peg or two for sure . . .Time for Plan "B". . . determined to make it work somewhere in my house I decided the best things to do was get it painted and hope inspiration would come to me.

Today it's looking like this . . . 

Last Saturday it was looking more like this. . . 

It fits perfectly into the corner of my living room and I'm thinking it looks fabulous and oh so perfect for the spot.
My excitement is back up in high gear.

I had a blast arranging and rearranging some of my favorite things to display.
I can already tell this hutch and I are going to have some fun times.

Yep, no denying it... I'm in love.

I decided to keep the original hardware just the way I found them.  I'm liking the dark finish it has (in person they don't look so "brassy")

A light distressing along the edges and in a few random spots helped give the hutch a little more detail.

Amazingly, the hutch has increased the cozy feeling in the living room and I couldn't be more pleased.

bye now,



  1. What a wonderful makeover...it looks so great in your room! It really is amazing the difference it can make...wish I had one in every room lol!

  2. Under $20? No way! You are putting us on! ;) What a great price and it looks like it was made for your living room! It is so pretty with fresh paint and I agree with you the hardware on it looks great! You have styled it so beautifully and I know you're going to have a lot of fun changing it up for the different seasons/holidays!

  3. It looks amazing painted white. How gorgeous. Great job and beautiful vignettes too.

  4. Wow! Almost can't believe it's the same piece Robin, great job!

  5. What a great find! and it is perfection in that corner of your living room! I scored a dresser for FREE last week end. It is going to get some paint lovin as well and find a new home in the guest room I am getting ideas for. You always do a fab job!!

  6. Wow, you got quite the deal! I love corner cupboards. They just have so much character. This one is a beauty and you've styled it to perfection! I bet it just makes me smile every time you walk in the room!

  7. Fingers typing faster than my brain! Of course I meant ... I bet it makes you smile every time you walk in the room!

  8. Wow - I'm a big fan of how paint can transform a piece. And it truly transformed this one! Love it and glad you could make it work.

  9. I think you get the award for deal of the week - at least! This was a wonderful find and then your paint job made it great. Your lovely vignettes finish it perfectly. I really admire your talent for transforming ordinary pieces into something fabulous.

  10. It turned out really lovely! Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party!

  11. Wow, what a steal! Isn't it exciting when you find such a great deal?! Love how you transformed it :)

  12. You did great. I have my moms corner cabinet and took the plunge and painted it last year, I love it. Di


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