January 30, 2015

Fun Finds

Good Morning All!

I only have one item to share with you this week but it's a so adorably cute how could one be upset about it?

Earlier in the week, my sister and I took a trip to Menards to pick up a few things to finish up some projects we've been working on.  On our way past the seasonal items I thought a quick look through they new spring stuff was in order.

In the third aisle I spied these . . . 

There may or may not have been a gasp loud enough for the WHOLE store to hear!

(thankfully it was late at night and not too many people about- - the embarrassment!)

I swiped a set off the shelf as quick as possible and started reading the package . . . 

-battery operated - cool

-LED lights - neat!

-timed - double cool!

Aren't they the coolest thing ever!

I love them, 

My photos don't do them justice this dreary, gloomy day but I can just image the fun places I can use them this summer.  Camping perhaps? On my patio? The options are limitless!

bye now, 



  1. oh my gosh!...great find...they look great swagged on your curtains...ejoy!!...come on by...a couple of new posts up...have a great day, Mariaelena

  2. OH they are awesome! They look great by your window...I'd love these in the porch!

  3. beautiful!! Did you hear me gasp? I love little lights like these used indoors - so pretty with the white drapes.

  4. These are wonderful! Great find! I would have gasped, too! They do look very pretty in your window and I can imagine the possibilities....so fun. xo Karen

  5. I love those! You can have fun moving those around too. :)

  6. These are awesome, they look great in your window.. I was going to Menards, so I checked for them, no luck yet! Do you have a product #?

  7. Wow! I love those lights and they looks fabulous there. Good find!


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