September 22, 2014

A Bit of Fall

Morning All?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Can't really say what I did this past weekend, I know there was some shopping, some football watching and some much needed nap time.  Otherwise it all  seems like a blur and here we are once again on Monday morning with all the craziness that involves.  

I did have a chance to start my fall decorating this weekend though.

The desk in the living room seemed like as good of place to start as any.

I just started layering items until I liked the look.

Started with a crisp white runner . . . then added my rustic centerpiece platform I built way back when (check it out here if you'd like) . . . 

Next I added this candle holder that I think look fabulous with the farm sign above. . . then added a book under it to give it a little boost and add some more texture.

I figured fall was a good time to start digging my tarnished silver piece out of storage . . . so I filled a sugar and creamer set with pretty white feathers and added them to the mix.

And of course what's fall without a few pumpkins, so I added two tiny white ones I'd picked from the garden. . . a few loose feathers tucked in around the pumpkins and I called it finished!

Quick and simple decorating is what I've been craving lately and this fits the bill to a "T".

Are you like me and just starting to decorate for fall or are you way ahead of me and finished already?


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September 19, 2014

Fun Finds


I feel like I'm on a bit of roll at the thrift store.  I have been having such great luck lately in finding items that make me squeal in delight.

Like these two hand-stitched table runners.  
Aren't they just lovely!

And this gorgeous pillowcase!
The scalloped edge put me over the top!

A girl can never have too many white napkins, don't you know. . . so you bet I was squealing when I happened upon this pretty scalloped set . . . 

And this crocheted edge set!
Can you say "jackpot"?

Oh wait . . . This little bit of sweetness is the Jackpot!

I don't know what it is about these adorable lamb shaped planters that get me so worked up.  Normally I'm not such a "cutesy" type of girl but something about them always has me snatching them off the shelf in glee.

This one makes lamb number four in my collection.  I like to get them out each spring around Easter time.  Can't wait to use this one.

Hope you all are finding some "jackpots" of your own...

bye now,


September 18, 2014

One Last Summer Project

Summer flew by much to fast for my taste and my poor to-do list hasn't seen very much action.

So before I allow myself to transition the house over to festive fall stuff I promised myself I'd complete one last project from my list.

After browsing the list I pick the quickest project I could find.

It took me all of five minutes,

take a look.

I've been collecting vintage milk bottle caps for a while and have even been lucky enough to receive some from friends.  I picked my favorite ones to use on this project for the kitchen.

No joke, this project took maybe five minutes.  

Painted a thrift store frame (used my blow dryer to help the paint dry fast), found a scrap of fabric and cut it to size.  Plopped the milk bottle caps inside the frame and then hung it up in my kitchen.

Project complete!

Looks perfect in my kitchen.

Now I'm off to dig out my autumn decorations and make a big mess!!


September 17, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Vintage Rhinestones


Every come across a photo while browsing Pinterest that stops you in your tracks?

A few weeks ago I had one such moment. 

Haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Want to see what's got me all worked up?

Vintage Rhinestones

*****Sigh, So Pretty *****

Now I'm on the hunt for Vintage Rhinestones!

The sparkle . . .the unique designs . . .

I'm loving it all.

vintage pins -- wouldn't they look great on a black sweater?

I have a feeling it would be really easy to branch out into collecting rhinestone buttons too!

Vintage Rhinestone Button Bracelet Number 20 by PaulaMontgomery, $90.00
source unknown

Vintage Rhinestone Buttons

24 vintage buttons
source unknown

Over the past two weeks I've been on the lookout for rhinestone pins to start my own collection.

Happily so far I've found two . . . I'm hoping for more . . . SOON!

What have you been hankering for lately?


September 15, 2014

Updated Headboard and a Tutorial

Good Morning!

I'm so excited to share with you my latest finished project.  
It's been one of those projects that I've had in the back of my mind for a long time.

Many of you may remember the headboard shelf that I built four years ago.  

It's been a wonderful addition to the bedroom that I like as much today and I did back when it was new.

It's gone though many decor changes over the years.  
I've loved the easy the shelf has given me in creating a new looks for the room each season.

However I've never really enjoyed the blank space between the bottom of the shelf and the top of the pillows on the bed.  Always thought it looked a little silly... or somehow not quite finished if you know what I mean.

In order to put this little annoyance behind me once and for all, I've given my trusty shelf and new paint job and an addition.

Check it out . . .

Better right!

The annoying empty space is filled in. . .

And it's look oh so stylish, if I'm allowed to say so myself!

I'm loving the new look!

And just in case you are too, here's a quick tutorial on how I tackled the project.

First off if you need a refresher course on how to build the shelf. . . go here.

Next you'll need theses supplies for the shelf addition.

Supplies Needed:
1X4's cut to size
construction adhesive
paint scraper
plywood, cut to size
staple gun
thick thread or string

To get stated I cut two 1X4's to the size I wanted. Sanded the edges and then painted them a base color of black followed by a topcoat of white.  I also added a topcoat of white paint to the shelf.

Next I distressed both the shelf and the 1X4's by scraping off some of the topcoat paint with a paint scraper before it had set completely.  This gave me a nice random look to the distressing.  

Once the paint was completely dried, I used sandpaper to enhance the distressed look wherever I thought it needed it.

I was then ready to attach the 1X4's to the wall.

I used three inch finishing nails to attach the 1X4's wherever I could reach a wall stud.  

Otherwise, I used a combination of construction adhesive and nails to attach the boards where a wall stud could not be reached.

Now that the framework was attached to the wall, it was time to make the fabric covered insert.

I measured and cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to fit inside making sure to cut it ever so slightly smaller to make room for fabric and batting.

Once the plywood was cut to size, I marked on the back side where I wanted the buttons to be placed.

Now on to the fun part of adding the fabric and batting . . . 

Once the fabric is all stapled down . . . 

Almost done!

Next add buttons to the front of the insert . . .

Final step is to simple place the insert into the framework on the wall.  It should fit snugly into the opening to hold it in place.

A fabulous new headboard!

Well I'm off to drool over my "new" headboard a little more ...

You all have a great day now,


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September 11, 2014

It's Starting!!

Fall that is . . . Aren't you excited!

I can almost smell the campfires and warm apple cider - - Yum, Yumm

In my backyard the leaves are just beginning to fall. . . .

The Limelight Hydrangea's are turning a pretty pink color.

And the first handful of mini pumpkins are ready for picking . . .

Love this time of year don't you?


September 9, 2014

Small Changes

Good Morning All!

Yesterday two of my daughters had their first day of school... tomorrow my fourth grader will start along with her two first grade cousins.  I think it's going to be a little crazy around here in the mornings with five kids to get on a bus and one to drop off at preschool.  With bus times ranging from 6:50 a.m. to 9:03 a.m. I'll have to bring my "A" game on a daily basis.

It does feel good to be back on a schedule though.

Our days have been a little busy leading up to this week . . . trying to fit in all those last minute projects and outings before summer break ends.  Amid all the chaos I did find time to sneak in a few quick makeover projects.

Like this mirror I hung in the hallway outside my bedroom.

Found at the thrift store, it was a stained a dark color and obviously someones homemade woodworking project but I love the shape and the fact that the itself mirror is old.

A coat of creamy white paint and a heavy hand with the sanding block has it looking my more my style.

The only problem arose when it was time to hang it.

Couldn't figure out where to use it.

Tried spots all over the house before deciding on this location.

I think it will work perfectly here.
Plus it will help reflect some light in a somewhat shadowy hallway - a win - win!

bye now,