April 18, 2014

Fun Finds

Good Morning!

I have a couple Fun Finds to share with you this fine Friday morning.

The first of which you may remember seeing in a previous post about my kitchen,  this cheerful red and white table runner was a big score for me. 

 I loved the stripes and bright red fruit as soon as I saw it.  It reminded me right away of a vintage tablecloth by the cheerful colors and the feel of the fabric.  Plus it fits my kitchen table perfectly and adds a nice pop of red.

My second item to share today is this metal crate, once again from the Thrift Store.  It's a newer version since it has a plastic bottom . . . 

Yet it's old enough to have perfectly chippy red paint on all four corners.
I've placed it under a small table at the top of our steps and have filled it will naughty shoes that come upstairs much to my aggravation.  It works perfectly.

How about you,

Any fun finds lately?


April 15, 2014

Family Room Highlights

As promised, today I'll share a little more about the details I've used to create the look I wanted in my Family Room makeover.

I had so much fun with this makeover largely because it's focus was centered on two of my favorite things.

1.  Childhood memories

2. Camping

First lets talk about the childhood memories I tried to invoke.  Both my husband and I have fond memories of either camping or cabin time with cousins and extended family.  Adding a few of the following items bring back memories of those times to me.

This vintage poker chip case was passed down to my hubby from his father.
I love the case itself and the trays inside holding the poker chips.  I thought it would be the perfect item to add to the entertainment center to show it off finally.

Croquet balls remind me of the Fourth of July.  
Every year my family has a Croquet Tournament between other festivities of the day.  It's always a loud, cheerful affair with plenty of good humored shenanigans going on.

Decks of card remind me of camping.

When I was little my family would take week long camping trips for vacation every year.  We looked forward to it.  My siblings and I would always play some sort of game in the car to pass the time.  And of course, whenever it rained we pulled them out again and would happily play for hours on end.

Rock collecting has become a memory for my kiddos.

Whenever were out on ATV trips I've been searching for a perfectly white, perfectly round rock.  It's become sort of a family tradition to look for rocks whenever we stop to take breaks while ATVing.  The rock below, is just one in my collection of almost perfect rocks.  So far the perfect rock has not been discovered - - but I'm not giving up the search.

Moving on to projects for the room, lets start with this painted wood box.

I adore wood boxes.  I found this one at the thrift store a while back.  It's originally use was to store flatware.  The box itself is rather big but since the desk it's sitting on is also quite large it works perfectly.

After simply painting over the original dark stain, I distressed the box to bring out the details.
Now I used it to hold items like paperclips, earasers, a small stapler and tape.  You know, the items you really don't want to look at nor do you need all the time.  It works perfectly.

I had a lot of fun with the gallery wall as well.

The camping sign I hand painted on the arrow shape I picked up from Micheals which I thought was a fun sign to add into the mix.

Below the sign is a Wisconsin shaped map.

It started out like this.  
I found the shape at the thrift store last summer and am so happy to finally be using it.

I gave the edges a coat of white paint, then glued a vintage map to the front.  After it was all dried I distressed the edges to let some of the dark stain wood color show through.  I really like how this project turned out.

As for the frames that make up the gallery wall, I filled them with a combination of scenic photos I've taken, or favorite photos of the kids from past trips.  I also added one filled with playing cards which I think is fun.  I have been looking for unique looking cards - - a collection I'd like to continue to grow. 

My last impromptu project was for this small wall in the corner.
The wall looked a little bare so I came up with the idea of using twine to hang two books I'd found that have an outdoor/camping theme.

The hangers were super easy to make.

Basically take one length of twine long enough to form two loops to hold the book plus extra on top to use as a hanger.  Tie the two ends together.

Next cut another long piece of twine and tie it onto the first midway between the book and then end of the loops.  Then simply start wrapping it around and around until your get to the end of the twine.  Add a little hot glue on the back to hold it all together.

Hung on a simple nail I think it's a very cute look.

So there you have it.  
A few of my favorite things in the room that helped my mini maker to be a success.  Hope you enjoyed!

bye now,


April 14, 2014

Family Room Mini-Makeover

I am so excited to share this post with you today.  It's a project I've been working on oh, so slowly over the last couple of months.  Finally this week, I was able to put the finishing touches on the room to show it off.

The Family Room is a rather large room that is "L" shaped.  I've divided the space into three zones.  The entertainment, the studio, and the homework zones.  Because the whole family uses this space I wanted to give it a fun feel and decided on an outdoors/camping theme for the space.  Not an over the top cabin feel, more like a gentle nod towards nature.  Hopefully, I hit my mark.

I do have to warn you, I went a little photo happy and have a lot of pictures to share with you.  I promise to keep my chit-chat to a minimum.  Later this week I'll have another post to share with you more of the details and craft like items I've added to the space.

Lets' get started.

When you first enter the room straight ahead is the sliding glass door that leads to the back yard.

To the left is the entertainment zone . . . 

To the right, my studio zone . . . 

Around the corner to the left is the homework zone.

The entertainment area I've kept very simple since this space receives a lot of traffic between football games, TV watching and kids video gaming.

Soon after we moved into this home hubby built with entertainment center that has worked wonderful for us.

I love all the storage and display space it gives me.

The studio area I've shared before.

To check out the previous post on this area take a look here.

It's been a few months now since this space has been finished and I am so pleased with how well it's worked out.

The studio also shares a space with the back door.  A shoe shelf and coat hooks keeps things tidy.

Of course it also give me another spot to decorate, which I love.

The Homework area is my favorite new space.

Off to the side a shelf holds some of my favorite vintage goodies.

Next to the desk is Shelby's favorite spot in the room . . . mine too!

Looks cozy right!

 The kids use the desk from time to time to do homework, but I've found that I really like keeping my laptop here to do most of my blogging.

And finally, the new gallery wall.

This shelf holds the last remaining little kid toys for my niece and nephews that come over often.

 The gallery wall highlights your past camping and ATVing trips

A mix of items is a wonderful reminder of past family fun.

Below the picture frames I've added an old piano bench to hold a few lanterns and some baskets.
I think it finishes off the space nicely.

So there you go, our newly improved Family Room

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Have a great day.


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