February 25, 2015

A Hankering For . . . New Lighting

I am in desperate need of a new light fixture to replace the brassy, glass covered eye sore that is currently hanging in my Dinning Room.

We've lived in this house of over twelve years and I've always thought it was ugly but now for some reason I can't stand it a second longer!

Ever have that happen to you?

So I've been busily looking for a replacement and would love to know what you all think of what I've found!

Here goes . . . 

Millennium Lighting Devonshire 5-Light Burnished Gold Hardwired Standard Chandelier  via Lowes

Portfolio 6-Light Black Chandelier via Lowes

Titan Lighting Williamsport 5-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Chandelier-TN-50096 - The Home Depot

Illumine 5-Light 23 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Single-Tier Chandelier-HD-MA43716260 - The Home Depot

And finally, my favorite so far . . . 

Hampton Bay 5-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Crystal Chandelier-IHX9115A - The Home Depot

I would really like to know which one you would pick.

I'm hoping it will help me make a decision.



February 24, 2015

Black and White Dinning Room

Simplicity is the key to my decorating whoa's of late.

After having successfully decorated the Living Room and Hutch area I've moved on to the Dinning Room.

The black and white theme as been expanded into this space also.

The addition of my favorite red and white checked tablecloth gives the space a nice pop of color.

A light, simplistic touch was used on the shelf behind the dinning table and I'm loving the results.

Just enough to keep things interesting and nothing more.

A simple drawing of flowers and leaves on the chalkboard give the space a little something graphic to look at but doesn't overwhelm.

The repeat of candlesticks and clocks on either side of the chalkboard is a lovely,  simple look that I have to say I'm enjoying.

Although different on both sides, somehow it's close enough to feel balanced.

Simple mini wreaths made from paper boxwood and tied with a length of vintage lace are hung on each faux window it give them a little something special.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and that it's not too chilly outside for you.
I for one will not be braving the cold today!

Bye now,

February 20, 2015

Fun Finds

Morning All!

It's once again Fun Finds Friday.

I have some very fun stuff to share today.

First off is this red and white license plate - isn't it amazing!  I was so happy to have found it at a local antique shop.

You may remember these next two items from my post earlier in the week...

This black metal box had me giddy with excitement.  I love metal boxes.

And I adore scotty dogs so when I spied this chippy beauty I of course snatched it up!

In keeping with the black theme I've got going on, I found this gorgeous embroidery framed at my local thrift store.  I think it's gorgeous!

Love these little metal letters that I found at a local shop.

Not sure where they will end up but for right now I have them on a pretty platter in the dinning room.

And finally, two new vintage valentine cards to add to my collection.

Aren't they adorable!

How about you?

Any great finds that you simply adore?


February 17, 2015

Fake Flowers To The Rescue!

You all know how much I enjoy gardening.  

Filling my home with fresh clipping from the garden is something that is hard to give up over the winter months.

Spring fever and the craving for fresh flowers has hit me head on the last couple days.

But I've resisted . . . mostly because those pretty petals cost a pretty penny this time of the year if you'd like anything other than stock flowers from the super market.

On a quick trip to JoAnne's the other day to pick up some thread, I just so happened to find myself drawn to the faux flower aisle like I was on autopilot or something.

It was there that I found these beautiful fake Peonies.

Seeing as Peonies are a springtime favorite of mine, I was giddy with delight at how life-like they seemed.

I picked up two bunches of white and two bunches of pink, plus a few bunches of fake boxwood branches.

I could hardly get home fast enough to arrange them in a pretty dish for the dining room table.  

I only had enough time to arrange the white Peonies before the kids arrived home from school, but soon I'll have the pink ones somewhere in my house too!

For now, 
the fake version of the originals are doing a fabulous job of keeping me content!

Thank goodness!

Bye now, 

February 15, 2015

Black and White Living Room

This time of year I find it very hard to decorate my home.  

I'm craving the pretty, soft colors of spring but the view outside my window tells me I have to wait just a little bit longer.

Searching for inspiration, I glanced through my Pinterest board of favorite rooms and realized that almost every single room has a Scandinavian flare and almost all have a white and black theme going on.  

How had I not noticed that before!

Once I had a little direction, I had a fun time trying to create a fresh new look for the the living room.

You may remember I use to have a set of photo ledge shelves hanging on the wall above the sofa.

Feeling like I need a change, to removed them from the wall - - this little change seemed to make a big difference in the room.

To fill in the new blank space a gathered up a few items that I thought would make a nice mini gallery display.

Simple and not too overpowering but enough to fill in the big empty wall.

The corner hutch stayed mostly the same inside.

On top I added collection of soup tureens and strung a set of battery operated fairy lights.  The lights give this corner a pretty glow at night which I love.

To add a touch a green since I don't have any house plants at the moment I  crafted a tiny heart out of a small piece of wired paper boxwood I've had for ages and hung it on the hutch door with a length of vintage lace. 

I think it's a very pretty!

Since this black and white theme is new to me I have very little soft furnishings to use.

Until I can find something I like, a set of cheerful red and white striped pillows from Target add some softness to my two side chairs.  
The pop of red is a good addition I think.

So there you have it.
My black and white, Scandinavian inspired living room.

A work in progress to be sure, but I'm liking the look so far and can see my self expanding on it a bit.

Oh what I wouldn't do to replace that sofa and carpet!

But that's a whole other post!  LOL.

Bye now,


February 11, 2015

Spreading the Valentine Cheer

So yesterday I finally dug out my box of Valentine's Day decorations and started adding bits and pieces throughout the living room and kitchen.

The little shelf in the kitchen received a few items to add a little red.

The heart drawing on the chicken wire frame is my first attempt at water colors.  The girls and I were playing around with them the other day.

I made this Valentine a couple years ago and it is still a favorite item to display each year.

I added a few things to the kitchen sink window as well.

Isn't red and white amazing!

The final touch in the kitchen was to hang a grouping of hanging hearts from the shelf hooks.

Some of the hearts I've made in previous years.  The striped and gingham hearts are new this year.

In the Living Room  I added my collection of vintage Valentine Day card to the tote on the hutch.

I like them all grouped together like this.

I also added some newly sewn mini heart pillows.
After placing them in a bowl, I built a little display around them.
Turned out sort of cute I think.

These little boxes are from Micheal's - I thought they were adorable.

A few beaded hearts where hung around the room as well wherever I could find a spot.

And finally, beadboard hearts were scattered here and there as well.

And that my friends is all this lady is doing for Heart Day this year!

Bye Now,


A Hankering For . . . Valentine's Day Cuteness

Every year I promise myself I'll get all crafty and make some fabulous decorations for Valentine's Day.

Yet it never happens. . . 

Instead, I dig out my tired old decorations from years past the day before Valentines Day and just throw them up somewhere in the house without a lot of thought.

Oh sure I have a couple day's until the big day, but who are we kidding!  My poor glue gun won't see the light of day.

But if I were to get a little crafty, I'd like to make some of these . . . 

(Note:  If you plan to pin any of the following images, please click on the source button provided!  Thanks!!)


<3 love this mini quilt

heart garland bunting

Quick and Easy felt Valentine's Day wreath for under $5 - www.classyclutter.net

14 Valentine's Day Wreaths | Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}

Or perhaps I'd would whip up something yummy for the family to eat!

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs - so easy to make - just kabob and drizzle chocolate.  You could use bananas and make them all fruit.

Simple Heart Shaped Kids Pizza for Valentine's Day! Love the idea minus the processed chicken suggestion....

23 Heart Shaped Foods for Valentine’s Day « Homemaker Chic

Oh well,

Maybe I'll have better luck next year!  LOL