June 20, 2016

Summer Quilt

Good Morning!

I have been having the sewing bug big time lately and today I thought I would show off my newest project.

A quick and easy summer quilt made from two vintage flat sheets.

I wanted something new for my bedroom to add a splash of color to my all white bedding so I searched through my stash of vintage sheets and picked out two blue and white floral patterns that I thought went together nicely.

I swear this is the quickest quilt I have ever sewn.  
All I needed was a top fabric, a bottom fabric, batting and a binding that I made from leftover fabric.

Simply layered the three pieces of fabric together, pinned it up, sewed it together . . . then added the binding with my sewing machine and finished it off with hand-sewing the binding onto the back.

Quick - Easy - and Oh So Pretty!!

I am so glad I decided to use two pretty fabrics since it makes it seem like I have two different quilts.  I'll use one side for a few days then switch it up and use the other side for a whole new look - it's awesome!

Just in case your interested in knowing all the details on how to make a similar quilt for yourself,  I have a video tutorial just for you!

  Check it out below.

I adore this new quilt so much, there is just something so special about the feel of vintage sheets.  They have this weight and softness that is hard to duplicate.  Crafting them into a beautiful quilt just seems like the prefect use for them.

Of course vintage sheets are not a must for this project, I've done the same thing with newly purchased sheets - - they are a crowd favorite with the family too.

Vintage sheets however have a special place in my heart so projects like this quilt almost always become a favorite of mine!

Have a great day and I'll talk with you soon,


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June 2, 2016

Shelby Girl

Good Morning!

Sorry I have been out to the picture as of late.

It seems the craziness of summer has come early to our house and I am scrambling to keep up.

Last week the family and I took a trip to Los Angles for a family wedding and had an amazing time.

This week I am trying to regroup and prepare for our next family adventure  - - our annual after school camping trip which begins in less than nine days - - Yikes!
Mommy's got a lot to do but the kids are looking forward to the end of the school year and I'm looking forward to our first camping trip of the season.

Since I don't have time to get started on projects I thought I would share instead a few photos of my favorite furry, friend Ms. Shelby Girl that I find so adorable.

Since the weather has been so wonderful lately and the windows have been thrown open wide for the gorgeous fresh air to flow through the house, Shelby Girl has found a new favorite spot to hang out.

She's found that the end of my bed is the perfect place to lay in wait for unsuspecting dog walkers.

Just outside the window there is a walking trail into the park behind our home.  From her perch on the bed Shelby is able to keep an eye on things and upon spying a dog on the trail will bark frantically as if we are under attack.

Apparently it's a great time!

For me, my patience with the whole situation is growing thin.

May 23, 2016

Modern Wall Hanging Made from Vintage Sheets

Good Morning!

I have rather a unusual project to share with you today that sort of reminds me of my childhood.

If you were a kid back during the late 70's or early 80's chances are somewhere in your house you had a least one Macrame item.  Most likely a plant hanger of some sort or another.

They were all the rage!

My home was no exception.  In fact my mother loved Macrame so much it was her go-to craft.  I vividly remember her making stuff and sometimes even helping.

You may have noticed lately that Macrame is once again becoming very popular!
And it makes me happy, but on the other hand I sort of cringe.
Not fully sure if I want to jump in head first if you know what I mean.

Recently while decorating my bedroom for summer I needed something to hang over the headboard and everything I tried just didn't seem to work.

An idea popped into my head that I couldn't shake for two whole days.

Finally I decided to give it a whirl just so that I could get it out of my system and move on.

This is what I came up with. . . 

A "Me" version of modern macrame.

Instead of using rope or wood beads as in traditional macrame I used scraps of vintage sheets!

I have to say, I'm sort of in love.

I love the pop of color . . . 

I love that I found a new way to used up my scraps of vintage sheets . . . 

I love how pretty it looks hanging on my white wall . . . 

I love how quick and easy the project was . . . 


Super simple to make,  all I needed was a wooden dowel, some yarn, fabric scraps, thread and a sewing machine.

Cut, fold, sew . . . 

. . .and slip your fabric strips onto a dowel and your good to go.

To finish the look I trimmed the strips into a simple banner shape to give it  extra interest.

The final thing I did was take some basic yarn and wrapped it around the ends of the dowel to form a hanger for my wall hanging.

And that my friends is it!

Now I have a new love in my life . . . 

it reminds me of my mother . . . 

but scream "me" instead!

In case your interested in a short, step by step tutorial I've put together this video tutorial below for your viewing... enjoy!

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

Talk to you soon,


May 17, 2016

Decorative Hook Rack

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope your day is going well.

I am so excited to show off my latest project today.

It's one of those projects that has been on my mind for ages and it feels so good to finally have it completed.

I made this decorative hook rack to hang in our bedroom for my husband to hang is clothes on.
We have used a much smaller, four hook rack for the past couple of years and it has worked very well for us.

I added a small shelf to the top of the rack for a place for me to add a few decorative items and hubby could still have the easy of the hooks below.

I may or may not have gone just a wee bit overboard in regards to the hooks but I'm of the mindset that one can never have too many hooks.

I really like the small shelf on top.

It's takes an otherwise typical hook rack and transforms it into a space to add a little more character to the room.

The whole thing turned out pretty good I think considering I started with just a few basic supplies.

If you'd like detailed instructions on how I built this hook rack just watch the video below and I will walk you through the steps.

Have a fabulous day now,

May 13, 2016

Fun Finds

My, OH My I haven't had a Fun Finds post in a while.

I have some great stuff to show off today.

Starting first with this pretty cake plate . . . 

Love the fluted edges and the detail work on the base.

Found it just in time to use it for my little ones birthday cake - turned out very pretty.

Next up is a set of pretty white pillow covers.

The photo doesn't do then justice but they have a lovely lace trim along the edges and  pretty detailed design on the front.

I was very excited about this next find - - a lawn chair that in which we can sit straight up in (hard to find) . . . it will need a new coat of fresh white paint but I've been using it just as it is until I can get around to sprucing it up.

And last but not least, I found two glass pedestal bowls that I plan to use for my summer decor in my bedroom.  Love using clear glass in the summer.  It adds a little sparkle which I find very pretty.

How about you?

Have you found yourself some Fun Finds too!

Sure hope so, also hoping you'll share them so I can stop by and check the out.

Bye now,


May 11, 2016

Craft Studio Tour

Good Morning!

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite space in the whole house.

My Craft Studio!

It's really just a glorified name for a small section of our family room but it's all mine and I love it completely.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to spend a couple hours here singing along to my favorite tunes and contently working away on a project.

This is where just about ever project in the house starts out.  Whether I'm sewing, painting, building or just dreaming,  this is the spot . . . my haven . . . 

So lets get this tour started!

All the magic happens at this great big desk.

My husband loathes it, I adore it.

I found it at a church sale two years ago for a whopping ten bucks for both the desk and the storage cabinet table.  Both are heavy as sin, vintage metal office furniture that makes me feel like I should be an extra on Mad Men when I sit behind my desk.  The wood tones on the tops are not a perfect match, but I can roll with it.

After trying countless configurations for both big pieces in this small space I realized they were the same height and tried arranging them back to back.

It worked perfectly and now I have this great bit space to spread out all my supplies on!

Plus all the storage - oh the storage - is amazing!  I have almost all of my vintage sheet collection (which is large), fabric for future projects, paint, sewing supplies, books, and massive amounts of crafting supplies all neatly organized inside these draws and cabinets.

It's amazing!

On top of the desk I keep a few handy items within reach.

An old Pepsi crate helps me corral colored pencils, fabric scraps, and multiple crafting supplies I tend to reach for often.

Next to the crate I have placed a vintage toolbox filled with mason jars.

The jars hold paint brushes, pens/pencils, scissors, glue sticks, screw drivers, wire cutters, can openers and so much more.

It's so handy to have everything at your fingertips when your working on a project.

On the side of the desk I have propped up a  homemade ironing board and placed a over-sized basket filled with fabric. The pillow on top helps hide the mess inside the basket, LOL.

I also added this tiny little shelf.  It hold my vintage button collection, a jar of ribbon scraps, safety pins, quilting pins and other small items that I have placed in jars.  On top is the home for my power drill.  It seems like I need it on an almost daily basis and after a long time of having to go dig it out all the time I decided this was it's new spot - - not very pretty but VERY handy!

Above the desk I have hung this oversized wicker lamp that I picked up from Ikea.

At first I didn't think I liked it, but now it don't know what I would do without it.

Truly love it now.

Moving away from the desk and onto the rest of the space . . .

I have a ticking stripe covered arm chair and a foot stool for when I'm working on a hand sewing project or looking through a magazine.

Next to it have have a vintage typewriter table that I use as a side table.  The top holds a jar of embroidery thread, a lamp, a vintage camera for fun and scented candle of some sort which I change up frequently.

On the makeshift shelf the legs create I have placed my CD player so I get my jam on when wanted.

Above the chair and table I have hung a set of display shelves.  I adore these things.  Years ago they hung in my living room but have spent a while in storage until just recently when I busted them out again.

To the shelves I've added a sampling of things that both inspire and delight me.

Vintage clocks, candles, pretty photos and drawing my talents little artists have drawn.
I have added a few CD sleeves of my favorite tunes of late also, the covers are so pretty why wouldn't I add them to the mix.

That my friends brings us to the end of this little tour.

 Sure hope you enjoyed following along as I shared my happy place with you.

bye now,


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May 8, 2016

Family Room Tour

Good Morning!

Today I have a very exciting Family Room Tour to share with you.

The room is looking oh so good after a fresh new coat of paint.

Gone are the too peachy toned beige walls that never looked very good - - - hello calming blue, gray in  a soft delicate shade.

Love this color so much I may add it to another room soon - - but lets get back on track - - -

I always seem to have a hard time decorating this room since there are so many different activities we use the room for.  I decided on tackling this dilemma with a new strategy - - instead of trying to decorate the room as a whole, I broke the room up into small sections.

With no real plan, I started in on section, decorated it until I like how it looked and then moved on to the next section.  In the end, it turned out brilliantly I think. 

Lets get started with the tour . . . 

 The TV section didn't need a whole lot 
(forgive the saw on the floor, that suckers heavy!)

I added some photos, vintage accents and items I enjoy to the shelves on either side of the TV unit.

To the side of the TV unit, I added a white stool to hold a few decorative items in an attempt to advert the eye away for the ugly tower speakers my hubby insists is a necessity!

Moving on to the next section, we come to the fireplace.

Not much for me to do here either since sadly we have no mantel.

I added a little character to the space with some hand-painted arrow signs above the fireplace, and then down below a small step stool holds two lanterns from my collection.

On the other side a simple wicker basket hold extra throw pillows, ready for when we need them.

Continuing on, brings us to the Gaming Center.

I recently shared how I re-purposed an old dresser to create this area.
If you missed it you can check it out HERE

Above the gaming TV I simple hung a row of framed drawing that we had done of the girls a few years ago while on vacation.  I think they are fun and add a little playfulness to the space.

The next sections is one of my favorite spots of the whole house.

I call it the library, since it has a shelf (which you can't see in this shot) and an over-sized desk.

But the star of the show is this chase lounge chair which I love to pile up with throw pillows and comfy blankets to entice myself and and family to sit down a while.

The over-sized desk is a great place to work when you need to spread out and get stuff done.

You youngest uses it as her craft area, the drawers keep her supplies neatly organized.

I found this funky rolling chair at the thrift store to use as a desk chair.

Although the color isn't fabulous, the chair is - - and it's so comfy!

I added a few decorative items to the top of the desk to add some interest.

In an effort to keep it simple yet pretty and not use up too much of the work space I gathered some items and stacked them up on a wood box that we use to store items not needed very often.

There is nothing worst that sitting down to work on something only to have to clear a spot to work in.
This I think does a good job of mixing the two functions of both pretty and functional.

Then of course the other side a the desk was looking a little left out so I corralled a few items on a rustic tray to make it happy.  (I have a tutorial on the tray HERE if you missed it)

Moving from the desk area to the next section we have another small sofa and a shelf.

The bottom part of the shelf holds books and a few toys for my niece and nephews when they come over.

The top of the shelf I added some fun camping inspired items.

I adore the deer bookends and the camping sign I made a while back that I've used on the bottom shelf and the top shelf has one of my favorite photos of my daughter on her ATV.  Plus a grouping of pretty white rocks that we found on one of our ATV/Camping trips.

Above the sofa I hung a cubby shelf.

I've used the shelf to corral family photos and small items that make me smile.

Favorite photos, clocks, dog figures - - they all look so cute on this simple but highly functional shelf.

Moving a round the room back over by the TV area we have a back door.

Next to it I have a shelf with hooks for hanging outside gear and below it I've place a piano bench to hold a basket of work gloves and give me a placed to sit down and tie my shoes.
Under the bench, I have a simple wire basket to hold an extra pair of shoes.

On the self above the hooks I've place a few items to make it pretty.
A propped up mirror, some greenery, vintage books and an clock, nothing fancy, just a little something to draw your eye.

Moving to the next section we come to the final space of the family room.

It it now my studio area.

I won't go into much detail on this space since I plan to share a whole post on it in a couple of days.

For now, this is just a sneak peek!

And that my friends brings us to the end of this Family Room Tour!

Hope you found it enjoyable.

And in case your wanting just a little more info about this room I've put together a video tour also - - say it isn't so!  Oh but it is . . . enjoy!

Have a great day, and I'll be back for another post soon!


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