July 21, 2015

Camping Again

The family and I will be heading out tomorrow for another week of camping in Wisconsin.

I realized the other day how very few video's I have of my girls so I thought this camping trip would be a good time to make a point to film more often.  Starting with a few day's ahead of our departure date, I started filming little bits about getting ready to go and what I was up to.

I have to say, I'm not a very photogenic person but I was sort of getting the hang of it and enjoying it quite a bit.

Have a look and please ... keep your giggles to yourself about my video taking skills.

Hope you enjoyed this just a little bit.

See you in a week!



July 20, 2015

Favorite Long Blooming Perennials and Shrubs


Like for many of you, my garden takes as much of my time during the summer months as it can get.  Most day's spending time watering and weeding somehow doesn't feel like work at all.

Throughout my scattered garden beds I've come to rely on a few plants to add interest and color month after month with minimal effort on my part.

Today I'm like to share my favorite long blooming plants with you.

I've come up with four favorites that my garden feel empty without.

#1:  Hydrangea's

Not a big surprise on this one I'm guessing.  Hydrangea's seem to be a favorite of so many of us.  With good reason!

Hydrangea's fill in big chunks of space, bloom for a long time - often changing colors in the meantime, and if you can bring yourself to do it; make great cut flowers.

Throughout my backyard I have a total nine Hydrangea's in three varieties:

Forever and Ever

Once I figure out a place for more you can bet I'd add more without any hesitation at all!

Here you can see my "Limelight" Hydrangea is just starting to bloom - - so exciting!

#2:  Knock Out Roses and Carpet Roses

For years I stayed as far away from Roses as I could get after hearing stories about how much time they took to maintain but then I as introduced to Knock Out Roses and it was all over.  It didn't take me long to add Carpet Roses into the mix.

I now grow a total of nine gorgeous plants between the two varieties ranging in color from the palest pink to a hot pink almost red color.  Unfortunately, I didn't write down the plant names so I can't tell you for sure which variety I have planted.  

The thing a like the most about these two plants are first there size:  Ranging from one to four feet tall they are the perfect size for my garden. 

And secondly: Their bloom time.  My plants start blooming by the end of May and continue all the way into October or whenever we receive our first hard frost.

Yes the thorn's are a little troublesome at times, but nothing one can't overcome.  LOL.

#3:  Tickseed

I purchased my first Tickseed three years ago and it instantly became a favorite.  The variety I have in my garden in called "Zagreb Threadleaf Tickseed.  

Let me just say this plant is amazing.  
Super hardy and covered in pretty yellow flowers from spring til fall it's just gorgeous.  I grows about two to three feet tall and just as wide and it's steams have an airy, wispy look to them up close . . . but don't be fooled, this plant is strong.

I love it's rounded shape, which looks like a perfectly pruned shrub when not in bloom.  

The best thing about this plant I think is the fact that you don't have to do much more than water it and it's a happy camper.  No pruning necessary!

Did I mention how hardy it is?  
Every two years or so I have to split the plant otherwise it dies out in the middle a little.  I have found that it works best to water down at the soil level because it's such a full plant it tends to get a little floppy over time if it gets too waterlogged.

#4:  Potentilla

Potentilla's in my opinion are the most overlooked long blooming shrub around.

There are so many sizes and colors of this shrub, there is sure to be one that will work in any garden to provide summer long color.

Once established in your garden this shrub is there to stay.  

I prefer the smaller varieties.  They have a rounded, compact shape that is the perfect size to use in a mixed garden bed.

I currently only have one of these plants and it has been amazing for the past four years.  A little shaping in the spring is all it needs to keep itself looking pretty.

I think I've found a spot for a couple more in my backyard but the white variety is hard to find in my area for some reason.  I'm on the lookout though.

So there you have it, my top four long blooming plants I  couldn't do without.

Hope you enjoyed,

Bye now,

July 13, 2015

Footstool Makeover using a Vintage Sheet

Good Morning!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Our's was busy, busy, busy but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Today I'd like to share a footstool makeover I completed last week for the sun porch.

It was a quick and easy makeover - - my favorite type of project.

It turned out super cute I think, the perfect thing to add the Sun Porch to give is a cozier, relaxing look.

Even has a secret spot for me to hid my treasures!

When I brought it home from the thrift store it was looking a little frumpy.

I picked a vintage sheet from my collection with some pretty embroidery on it to cover the top of the stool.  

First I cut off the pretty lace to use on another project, and then I cut a piece long enough to fit the stool, making sure to center the design in the middle.

I then had a long, skinny piece of fabric.  To make the fabric wide enough for the project I cut to more panels of fabric from the sheet and pinned them to the first embroidered piece I cut.

After sewing on the two panels, I pressed the seams nice and flat . . . 

And then using a basting stitch, I  sewed a straight line down each seam to give it a finished look.

After stapling the whole thing onto the stool itself it now looks like this after I gave the stool base a coat of white spray paint.

Works perfectly!

Now I'll be lounging on the porch watching the weeds grow faster than my flowers - - just kidding.

Shelby Girl has her favorite spot on the porch picked out also!  She love it.

Bye now,


July 9, 2015

Attention Urban Decay Lovers!!!!

For those of you who aren't aware the fabulous makeup line Urban Decay has just put out a new Naked Palette call Naked Smoky!


It looks like this. . . 

 in color NakedSmoky

The colors are so pretty!
 in color NakedSmoky
Can't wait to get my hands on one.

Unfortunately, there is already a wait list on the Urban Decay site, but you can get on the list here.

Also available at:

Sephora:  in stores 7/16
Ulta:  in stores 7/76

You can bet I'll being trying to get one ASAP.

bye now,


Fun Finds: Flea Market Edition

The families annual camping trip to Hayward, Wisconsin is always a good time and I've already talked about the fun we've had but for me the one of the best activities is visiting the local flea market on Monday morning.

I look forward to it all year, 

I make lists, 

I dream about wonderful finds . . . 

It's all so wonderful I can hardly stand it.

This years trip was no exception, even without a list **gasp**, I found a whole bunch of stuff that makes me happy.

This first find was found at the second table I stopped at and I knew right away that my flea market luck was going to hold for another year.

I can't get over the cuteness!
They remind me so much of the vintage deer pasted down to me by my grandma that I use every year at Christmas time.
I'll be using this sweet pair somewhere in my family room.

This next find surprised me a bit, but as soon as I saw it I knew it had to come home with me.

Didn't know I was looking for a $3 vintage radio in working condition.
But I sure do love it.
I have it sitting on my kitchen windowsill to make dinner prep and cleanup a little more fun as I sing along to my favorite country music songs.

Scored this glass pitcher with red strips to use in the kitchen and help out with the red and white theme I've got going on there.

Plus red handled kitchen tools could not be passed up.

My daughter love to use the mixer as often as possible.

My small collection of dog figurines received a little boost with I found these two sweet little guys.

The journal from 1946 is in excellent condition.  I loved it's red leather cover and multiple pages of interesting information about the year.  You know things like postage rates, principal cities, tide tables and such.  Even has a little page towards the front to write down your hat, glove, collar, hosiery and shoe size - - how convenient!

Ironstone should never, ever be passed up if found at a good price so I picked out this medium sized pitcher and a dish to go with it.

Found some glass jars to use in my studio - love the metal lids.

I thought this footed, covered dish as very pretty with it's silver band around the top.

And last but not least, a monogrammed covered dish in gold and white.  The "M" must stand for Mom of course!

So there you go, my fabulous finds from the flea market.

It was a good day!

Bye now,


June 30, 2015

Cruising Vintage Style: A New Bike

Hubby has listened to me talk non-stop over my love of all the vintage style cruisers in the stores the past couple of years.

He must have gotten tired of my daydreaming because come Mother's Day he surprised me with this beauty!

Made by Raiegh, I think it's considered a hybrid cruiser since it has three gears and handbrakes.

Whatever it's called, I'm smitten.

Love that he picked out my favorite color combo of all time for it also - he knows me so well.

Look it even has a "R" on the back for "Robin" - or so I tell my girls.  LOL

With our weird spring weather and my crazy schedule I haven't had much of a chance to ride it.

That is until this past weekend.

The family and I all went to a nearby park reserve that has paved biked trails and had a fabulous time biking around for a couple hours.

It was delightful and something I hope we are able to do alot of this summer.

I'm researching trails and places to go for almost every weekend we have free.  
Hope the family can keep up!  LOL

Bye Now,


June 28, 2015

Built-In Twin Beds

Recently Hubby and I completed major project we've been putting off for a long, long time.

Our two youngest girls, who are now in their tweens, share a small bedroom and have outgrown their bunk-bed.   

Trying to fit two twin sized beds into their tiny room was a challenge.  After trying countless arrangements we decided a built-in type bed would work best.

After months and months of planning or should I say procrastinating, we have finally accomplished what we set out to do.

The girls are loving the results.

Using basic supplies like 2x4's, and 1x6's we were able to craft a built in bed that gives both girls not only a place to sleep but a lot of storage room for all their stuff.

A planked wall separates the two beds and provided the girls with a little privacy along with creating two separate spaces they can each call their own.

To add an extra level of interest we used screen door molding to create a board and batten look in the space between the mattress and the shelf above the bed.  

This step was my favorite part of the project since I think it gives the whole built-in a finished look.

Below each bed we added a large storage area to help the girls contain all their stuff.  The extra tall cubby gives them lots of room for over-sized baskets or whatever they want in the future.

It's been a few months now since we finished this project and so far it's been a big hit.

All the storage space helps keep the room looking tidy and the girls happily hang out in their room enjoying their cozy little nooks.

I'm thrilled that it turned out so well and seems to function better then I could have hoped for.  Our oldest is now hoping for something similar in her room!  LOL.

Have a great day now,


p.s... If your at all interested in a more detailed description on how we crafted this built-in just let me know and I'll put together a separate post about it.

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