February 13, 2009

Spreading the Love

I finally have my decorating done for February 14th. I love the red and white color combo, which makes Valentines Day one of my favorites.


  1. Very nice. Your decorations even match your blog! I am not one to decorate too much for Valentine's Day. But checking out everyone's blogs has gotten me into revamping my home. I'll be posting some projects on my blog soon. Who knows, maybe I'll even inspire someone else. : ) Have a happy Valentine's Day! Adrienne

  2. Thanks so much! I'll be watching for your project, looking forward to it.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment. It's nice to meet you, Robin. You have such a cute home, love the yellow walls. I had to smile about taking all day to put together your new hutch thing. I remember those days! Now that it's just the mister and I we are much more efficient. But we do miss the chaos sometimes. Mimi


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