March 19, 2009

The Artwork Switch-A-Ru

With the first day of spring approaching on Friday I am happily changing the artwork around my home. I love springtime so much and my favorite flower prints are coming out of storage. I've spent the day arranging the rearranging all my favorites. Unfortunately I have discovered that I have no talent whatsoever in this department. Despite my lack of talent I am happy with the outcome since I love the pictures so much.
There is the picture ledge I have in my dinning room. There are only two times a year that I love to decorate it, Christmas and Halloween. The rest of the year it is a constant aggravation for me since I never know what to do with it. This arrangement works ok I think, love all the plates and my flower prints. Still not happy with the lower shelf. Can't seem to get it to look like the image I have in my mind. Oh well, the flowers are pretty anyway.
This picture you saw yesterday but had to show it again because it's my favorite. I think the new bird prints are sweet. The frames I think need to be bigger but I have not found the perfect ones yet, so still working on that.
This is the little table next to my couch in the living room. I need to replace the red table runner but that is a sewing project in the works. Love how this turned out.
Here is a close up.
Here are two closeups of my all-time favorite flowers photos. Both were taken in my mothers garden. She is amazing with flowers. (love the barn in the background and the perfect yellow of the second photo, amazing!)

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