March 20, 2009

My Living Room Is Ready For Spring

I have spent the morning ironing curtains and am happy to announce that my living room is ready for spring (and so am I). Here is what I started with.
The red striped curtains are for my winter decorating. I really like them but I like to lighten things up in the spring and summer. Notice below my dinning area is looking a little bare. That is because Little Miss Climber is in the house today(you can see the top of her head in the lower right hand corner). Because she is here all chairs, stools and buckets are either placed up on tables and counters or pushes up against the wall a safe distance from the table.
After much ironing, this is what my living room looks like now.

Ahhhhhhh, much more spring like don't you think. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to open the windows and watch the breeze ruffle the curtains.

Here is a close up of the curtains. They are not sheers but almost, they have this lovely stripe that I think is wonderful.
This little guy has been following me around all day. I think he misses the girls already. Hang in there Zebby only a little more than a week to go.Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. It looks great! You've been keeping yourself busy, even with the kiddos gone.

  2. Robin! I'm moving IN! How lovely! Your living room is so open, airy, inviting and warm. I also change curtains for seasons (I do fall/winter and then spring/summer) and have to get on've given me a good kickin' reminder. :o) Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your winter curtains too...but your spring ones are so light and airy!

    ~ Sarah


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