March 3, 2009

One More Monogram

After finishing my monogram last week, Jasmine liked it so much I thought I would make her one to hang on her bedroom door. Same paper and paint, just a different shape. I promised her it would be hung on her door by the end of the day. She is very excited. Here is a close up.
Here's the little lovely hanging on the door. I think it gives the door a little jazzing up, in a simple way. Sorry it was a little hard to get a good picture, not a lot of room.
That makes two monograms in the last two weeks for me. I love the way they look but I am afraid if this keeps up my whole house will be filled with them. On that note, I am off to cruise blogland to find a new craft obsession. See Ya.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the nice comment...I am so new at this, couldn't figure out how to send email so I will just post a comment. Some things are just addictive like windows, monograms too. I love how yours turned out. I will be back. I see you seem to be drawn to white dished too.


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