March 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Do you a room in your house that you tend to ignore until it becomes too unbearable?

Hopefully I am not the only one. In my house the downstairs family room is the room I avoid at all cost. The room has a lot going on. It's part TV room, part playroom, part kids computer area, and part scrapbooking area. Basically it is a catch all for clutter. We have made a few improvements, rearranged somethings but it has never really been decorated. When we moved in six years ago I painted the room and added some curtains, that's all. Now it desperately needs a new paint job and a little decorating.

With that in mind I have been trying to figure out what to do with the space. But I keep coming up blank. Frustrated out of my mind I decided that first thing first it needed a good cleaning and decluttering. Yesterday was spent dusting, vacuuming, decluttering, purging, and straighting. I spent most of the day at it and am very happy with the results.

My scrapbook area has turned more into a kids craft area since I have been slowly moving more and more towards digital scrapbooking. I still use it for small projects (I'll show you soon) but I have let my supplies dwindle down to only what I need for upcoming projects. I reorganized all the remaining supplies into "mommy stuff" and "kid stuff". There is what it looks like.

The bottom paper cubby is for the kids and is the stack of drawers on the right. Everything else is mine. The white boxes on the top shelf hold memory boxes for each kid, paint and glitter, photos and home decor prints. It looks much better than it did before but I still think it looks a little pathetic. The wall color is driving me crazy. Hubby loves it but for me it is too dark so I'm working on changing his mind to maybe a lighter grey-blue, just something not so intense. Wish me luck


  1. Answer to your initial question . . . Yeah, but it's not just a room, it's my whole house!!!

    My girls and I just went through the house yesterday on a cleaning spree. My oldest is really interested in learning how to really clean. Like the bathroom! Yeah! My middle daughter has always liked to clean, but it's always the windows and then you can see how dirty they really are! And my youngest never fails to keep up.

    Of course, the baby boy follows behind us to undo it all! : )

  2. Your scrapbook/craft area is so neat and organized! Mine is just way too cluttered right now...need to do some purging. My "area: that I hate cleaning is the bar in our kitchen. It's become a catch-all, especially for papers, and it just builds there. So annoying. Maybe I should get a couple of pretty baskets to contain my mess!


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