April 7, 2009

Garden Dreaming

Planting season in my neck of the woods is still a little more than a month away. Normally come January I am pouring over seed catalogs and digging out my garden journal and inspiration file, dreaming up BIG PLANS only to have to wait four months to put my plans into action. This year I was determined to wait until a couple weeks before planting time in an effort to keep my sanity (and my hubby's) in check.

WELL . . . . . . . . .

After yesterday's mini planting party in my kitchen I CAN'T RESIST ANYMORE! The damp earthy smell of potting soil, the grit under my fingernails, the cute little pots of seeds lined up on the windowsill - - I tell you it was almost painful, my desire to get out into the garden was all consuming! I want to feel the sun on my neck, the breeze in my hair, the sweat rolling down my back as I dig up some more grass (sorry honey, hehe), the excitement of seeing a new shoot of green poking through the soil - - All of it, I wanted it.

With all this running through my mind I found my gardening books and journals this morning and started pouring over them. Here are some pictures of my favorites right now (sorry the quality isn't the greatest, just took quick shots from my inspiration book)

This garden with the white arbor, white roses and white fence are simply wonderful.
Here is a close up of a potted standard, the yellow is amazing and together with the purple under plantings it is breathtaking.
I love the white picket fence here, and the pink roses.
I bet you can guess that I am really like white fences. Here is another one, love all the wonderful green around it and all those neatly trimmed boxwood are drool-worthy. (this photo was on the cover of cottage living)

I really like this garden bed of all flowering shrubs. What could be more easy!
This garden is a little formal for me to make work with my current garden but I love the hydrangea surrounded by boxwood and neatly shaped trees on the deck. Wished my backyard looked like this.
This planting is amazing. I love it's simplicity.With all these lovely images swimming around in my head I have spent most of the morning planning this years gardens. I've read over last years notes, decided on new plants to try, drew out plans for my new garden bed I put in last fall in the front yard and planned my veggie/ cutting garden. I'm well on my way to creating my own version of beauty.


  1. Hi Robin,

    I have always been the same way! And way too early! Before we even made our new plans, I decided I would take a year off. I was going to go with making our backyard lawn. Not sure successful I would have been, but now we have decided to move.

    Remember that farmhouse I mentioned I wanted. We had been looking for over two years. We've had our house on the market a couple different times. Always priced a bit too high because we needed it to make the move we wanted.

    Now we've planned to sell (really sell) and make a move into my mother-in-law's until we find the farm. I'm betting that move will put a fire under our 'you-know-whats!' My mother-in-law is wonderful and very good to me, to us, but our own space will be desired, I'm sure.

    Of course, I already found our new home. And of course, it's a bit out of our price range! Maybe we will be able to benefit by this terrible economy. Keep your fingers crossed!

    We won't be making the move until school's out in June. Not sure how often I'll blog after that. Hopefully I don't loose my new blogging friends in the move.

    I can't wait to share my new fun with you. Post all your gardening fun. I'll live through you this season!


    ps. Sorry so long!!!!

  2. Not bragging, but where I live we don't have hard winters so we can plant at almost anytime of year. Do I take advantage of that? No! Shame on me. I would really love something like that one with all the flowering bushes. I have a couple of those out front as well as a geranium, azalia and lady slippers. I'm thinking of adding more geraniums because they are so hardy and I don't seem to kill those, lol!
    Can't wait to see what you do once you can get in the dirt and dig.

  3. What a lovely post! I'm itching to get out there too. I always have such big plans and then spring is gone and my ambition with it! This spring I'm keeping my plans pretty simple: besides a garden for food, which is my hubby's big thing, we'll finish a brick walkway and put up a couple window boxes. We'll also make a hedgerow of lilacs along the road. Anything else will be icing on the cake!


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