April 2, 2009

Starting A New Sewing Project

With the success of my chair slipcover still glowing in my mind I thought I would dive right into a slipcover for my couch. I have had the fabric so almost three months now, it's been sitting in my closet mocking me and today is the day to put all it's taunting to rest.

This is couch that I am working on. It is wonderfully comfy but the colors don't go that great.
Thinking that I would start out slow and easy I started on the bottom cushions first. I was able to insert the zipper, pin and mark all my edges this morning. Here it is along with my little "helper". I am giddy with excitement that it is going so well. When momma sews crazy stuff happens at my house. Today a whole lot of fort building is happening. Below is Exhibit A.

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see the end result.

    Your chair looks so beautiful. Nice addition to the fort!

    Keep sewing!


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