April 20, 2009

Vacation Bliss

I've spent the last five days in vacation bliss.
Hubby and I along with my sister, her husband and our friend Matt headed to VEGAS! It's the perfect place for our vacations. My husbands idea of a vacation is to fill the days with as many activities as possible. Me, I like to relax. I love to spend the day in my comfy clothes reading books and magazines and enjoy the peace and quiet. Vegas fits the bill. I actually spent one WHOLE day in the room, only leaving to pick up a quick meal and bring it back upstairs.

IT. WAS. WONDERFUL. We stayed in a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous room, it was a real treat.

We had a great time and now I am ready to get back into my "real" life, completely refreshed and eager to dive into my list of to-do projects.


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