May 13, 2009

Garden Center Heaven

The Garden Center has been calling my name for weeks now. Oh sure I have stopped by, but only picked up a few annuals. Yesterday was officially the beginning of planting time here and the"Need" to spend a couple hours looking at beautiful plants was more than I could handle. So with list in hand I headed out. The sight and smells were heavenly. Row, after row of perfectly lined up plants, it was like a sugar hight. I grabed a cart and filled it up, quicking crossing items off my list. By the end of the hour I had two carts filled and was grinning from ear to ear.

Most of the plants I purchased were for my new fence garden in the front yard. Four new shrubs, two new perenials and my favorite annuals. I filled my little mini-van right up. The bad news however is that I only scratched the surface of my list, the good news - another trip (ok, maybe two) to the garden center will be needed (heehee). Tomorrow I hope to be able to do a little planting so I can than maybe show you some pictures.

In the meantime I thought I would show you my backyard garden. Yesterday morning I spent three hours removing and replacing plants and weeding. For some reason I have a lot of grass growing in the garden beds this year, I can't figure it out. I haven't given much thought to my main planting area this year but it needs a boost only a couple new plants can give. Teresa from CherryCheckers has convinced me I should try a rose. Her roses are amazing and make me want my own. Go on over and check her blog out, you won't be disapointed.

Here is a view of the backyard from the deck. I know it doesn't look like much right now but give it a month and it will be beautiful.
I love this birdseye view of the veggie and cutting garden. I added a few phlox on the far left side. The clamitic and peony are also doing well, but other than that not much is going on in there right now.
See that dug out spot with the pile of dirt. My new rose is going to go there. Another bag or two of garden soil and it will be ready for planting.
Here is the kids area. I plan to move the hosta's and put in a little courtyard with a couple cute chairs and some potted flowers. I think it would really spruce up the place. The girls keep asking for curtain, window boxes and a screen door, defintely making mama proud. See the big stick hanging out the window? Thats their oar, so they can row - - Zoe wil get bored with playing and say "I'm going to go row" - - how cute.
How you enjoyed the tour. Happy Gardening.


  1. Robin, thanks for coming to visit me today. Girl you have a huge yard! There's no limit to what you can do. How fun!!

  2. I can hardly wait to see what you are planting! I am so envious of that fenced off veggie - cutting garden. I love that view from your deck! And what a cute little playhouse for your girls.

    and oh fence love...

    you should see the jungle that I have to try to keep beaten out of my yard.

    happy dirt diggin'


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