May 14, 2009

One More Sign

I know, I know, I need to slow down on the signs. My husband can't figure out why I like them so much. He says . . . "I don't drink that type of Kool-Aid", which I think is funny. As much as my husband is not "getting" it, I came across this saying at an antique sale and KNEW I had to have my own. Poor husband will probably just roll his adorable eyes when he sees it but I'm ok with that, it is DEFINELTY MY KIND OF KOOL-AID.

Here she is. Simple and Cute.

I just know it will go great on my hutch with all my garden accessories.


  1. I love that saying...gonna make one of those!

  2. Oh girl, I'm am gonna have to use that...
    "my kind of kool-aid"...
    too funny. And you know I love that sign. Score!

  3. Love it!

    BTW, our purchase offer was accepted! Yippy! We're moving out to the country!

    If I'm missing, you'll know why, but I'll try and keep you updated.



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