June 29, 2009

I Have Girly-Girl Syndrome

In the past I have never been know to prefer flowery, girly things. I liked sports, the outdoors and camping. My preferences were always more toward the streamed lined with bold royal colors. Lately I find myself drawn to soften things up a bit. I think I have a touch of Girly-Girl Syndrome. Slowly over the past two years my home began to soften a bit. The colors I'm drawn to have become lighter and softer, vintage items I would have scoffed at in the past now get a space of honor. Perhaps it started while painting the little ones room cotton candy pink, perhaps it was the cute little dresses they wore but I know for a fact the day I added a ruffle unto a skirt

I. Was. In. Trouble.

It seems that little ruffle set into motion a chain of events that I can no longer deny(Lord help me) - I like girly things - I like ruffles. I look for ways to uses them in my home and lately I see them everywhere around blogland, which inspires me even more. So until I find a cure, I guess its more, and more, and more ruffles for me!

Here are a few ruffles a have hanging around the house today.

Added a ruffle and some ribbon to the sheets on the girls beds.
Added a ruffle at the bottom of this cute little summer dress for Zoe.

A sweet little pillow for 4th of July with a hint of ruffle on the sides.

I'm even shopping for ruffles these days. I am completely smitten with this shower curtain from
Target. I lay away at night debating if I should go head and buy it or if I should attempt to make one myself. Either way, it has cause a few sleepless nights!

So how about you, do you have girly-girl syndrome? Are you smitten with ruffles?


  1. I've become more girly, too. For years my home was country/primitive. Now I'm drawn to the vintage cottage look and love florals and other delicate things. There's no way I can afford to change the entire house at once, but I'm slowly but surely doing so! The ruffles you added to all those things are precious!


  2. Ruffles? Yes please. I totally understand the sleepless nights over that shower curtain. I have been dreaming about it as well. It is FABULOUS!



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