June 2, 2009

Tagged! I'm It!

Looks as if I have been tagged twice while I was out of town!

Once by Daryl at Vermont Cottage and once by Teresa from Cherry Checkers. Since I am to share 6 things you may not know about me I'll share 12 things instead.

Here goes.........

1. I enjoy taking evening walks with my girls. They enjoy it so much and I love to look at homes and find landscaping ideas as we walk along.

2. Campfires are one of my favorite things. I can sit for hours chatting and reflecting.

3. I like to be busy. I like to be lazy. I know it is a contradiction but I enjoy the go. go. go of my daily life. When it all become a little too much I declare it LAZY DAY! I'll spend the day doing only what is fun for me.

4. By mid-summer I become a lazy gardener.

5. I'm a want-to-be neat freak.

6. I dislike watching movies in the theater. I much rather wait until it comes out on DVD.

7. I love pepperoni pizza. Want it every day. But in my effort to lose wait I can only allow it once a week (if I have been good ALL WEEK).

8. Blogging keeps me motivated. I start to freak out if I don't have something to share.

9. Only two rooms in my house ABSOLUTELY have to be clean. My bedroom and the kitchen. The rest of the house I will contently push clutter aside until I can get to it. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but it keeps me sane.

10. My favourite color is Red.

11. I'm very shy and one of the worst at small talk.

12. Pepsi gets my motor running.

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  1. By mid summer, it's too hot to be a gardener! And I don't like to watch movies in the theater either.

    Welcome back ;)

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  3. I'll try again. I'm the same way about mid-summer gardening, and the weeds know it. They're just waiting.


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