July 2, 2009

Garden Revamping

This week found me revamping one of my garden beds.

When we first moved to this home my husband and I added a brick border and some mulch to the existing pine trees in the back yard. The trees have grown well and now I find this area difficult to mow since the branches are overlapping the edging. My husband said to leave it be but I was tired of getting my arms all scratched up every week mowing. I also knew the area could look SO much better and I had almost everything I needed to get the job done. So with mulch on sale at Menard's, and 30 bucks burning a hole in my pocket I started on the project. Here is the before from the house side.
The before from the garden side.
I moved the edging out about 5 feet at it's deepest point. Laid down some landscape fabric and piled on the mulch. Transplanted a couple of hostas and moved my impatiens filled metal tubs out from hiding between the pine trees. Super easy, but look at how it looks now.
After from the house side.
After from the garden side. Here is a close up of the metal tubs. I love how they look all full and lush.


  1. I puffy heart the tubs. Where did you find those? I adore them.

  2. I love those tubs too. And Oh how I wish my yard was that tidy. I have so many weeds right now.


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