July 15, 2009

Kitchen Displays

I awoke this morning with the urge to deep clean my kitchen.
I know, I'm crazy but after a few hours of scrubbing and polishing it looks great.
But I didn't stop there, my newly sparkling kitchen inspired me to revamp my displays as well. Of course since I'm crazy I didn't take the time to take a before picture (ok, ok, in my excitement I kinda - of - sorta - forgot, sorry!)
The area above my cabinets received most the revamping. This space was full of stuff that I love, but it looked halfhazard and cluttered. I removed everything and started anew. You may remember the purchase of this enamelware cake sheet. . . . I'm now using it as a backdrop for my tins. I showed you the silverware box yesterday (still need to come up with a better arrangement of this space) and the metal covered cake pan is one of my favorite Goodwill finds, I love using it.
Here is the area above my stove. Once again I removed most of the stuff and added only my favorites. (not sure about the red bowl-it may get removed)
Here is a close up of my pitchers and coffee pots. Love. Them.Remember the enamelware lids I found antiquing?
I hung them on the side of the cabinets next to the sink. I think they work really well here. Although . . . They would look extra specially good on white painted cabinets - I still need to find time for that.
And last but not least, remember this adorable sign?
I hung it above the kitchen window. Change is lovely, I feel I have a new kitchen. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Have you ever considered painting your cabinets red? I'm not sure what the adjoining rooms are like, but red against the yellow with all your white enamelware would look fantastic :)


  2. Hey Robin! Your kitchen is very cute!!! I love that "milk" pitcher!

  3. It's a wonder what a little fluffing (and cleaning) can do. Mimi


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