July 22, 2009

Organizing My Inspiration

Inspiration files are not a new concept and I have happily kept one for a couple years now.
I have held on to pages and pages of beautiful photos from magazines, carefully adding them to my book. I enjoy skimming it's pages while impatiently awaiting new issues. With so many pages finding a specific photo has become increasingly difficult.
Yesterday while adding the newest stack of photos to the book I finally realized enough is enough, I needed a better system.
I took everything out of my current book and sorted through everything to form 6 categories.

I came up with: home decorating, gardening, crafts, sewing, holidays, and scrapbooking.

I assigned each category a 1" binder (home decorating received a 2" binder). Within each binder I divided the topic into sub-categories using 3M's sticky file tabs. Here's an example.
Then I added stamped labels.
Since I was in such an organizing mood, I also made stamped labels for my magazine holders.
They look so good all lined up and nice and neat.
It feels to good to be ultra-organized!


  1. Very nice! Thanks for following my blog-and I always enjoy a good organization post!

  2. Some great ideas. Maybe someday I'll want to get organized! Your garden is looking great. The sandbox will get many happy hours of playtime for your kids. (And maybe you!)

  3. I have 5 albums full of decorating magazine pages and still have tons more I need to organize. Maybe I'll try this method. Thanks!

  4. Seems everyone has done an organizing post for the new year. Stop by next week to see what I came up with! Love your blog the header is fab!


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