August 18, 2009

Camp Johnson: Day 1

Today marked the beginning of a annual tradition for the girls and I: Camp Johnson!

This year the event is four days long and we will pack in as many activities as we can. Field Trips, craft time, fitness time, and lots and lots of pool time will all be included. The girls look forward to this time with much excitement.

Today's Activities:

Chutes and Ladders (a HUGE playground)
Antiques Minnesota
Nicollet Commons Park
Pool time

Here is the play structure at Chutes and Ladders. The park is amazing! it has biking trail, boat rentals, and this HUGE playground.
Next up was Antiques Minnesota where we all found a few treasures. I was amazed how much the girls loved it, of course I was having a great time.
Afterward we went to Nicollet Commons Park. A beautiful place with fountains, waterfalls and streams for kids to play in. The whole thing is surrounded by a gorgeous garden. The girls loved it.
Afterwards we went to the gym so mommy could get in a quick workout and then off to the pool for some fun the in sun. Then after our busy day we went home for dinner and a movie.
Until Tomorrow, Robin

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  1. How fun to make a few memories with your girls. Enjoy every minute. They grow up soooo fast. Mimi


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