August 13, 2009

Front Garden: Then and Now

Whew! What a week!

Buckaroo #3 came down with a cold so between taking care of her and normal daily activities my projects have not received much attention. I am hoping tomorrow I will have something to share.

Thought you might like to see how my front garden it doing.

Here it is in May of this year...look how bare it is!
Then came the fence...
And here it is today in all it's floral beauty. Here is the back view
And one side of the back.Hope you enjoyed. Until Tomorrow, Robin


  1. It looks wonderful, wanna come and work on my yard?

  2. Oh my! It's beautiful! I love the fence - what a lovely backdrop for all your beautiful and colorful flowers! we didn't get to do any landscaping this year - we went on vacation early in the summer and I just didn't buy any flowers after that. And then we had our yards ripped up for some hardscaping. I think I need some mums for the fall - just to get a little color.

    I do just adore your fence!!!!!

  3. I think I already told you this, but I love the fences. I'm trying to do a similar thing in our front yard from this inspiration. We have a huge lightpost in one corner, so I want to do something similar to take the eye away from the monstrosity.

    How did you figure out what flowers to plant? I'm so dumb with that, it never ends up looking right.

  4. What a HUGE difference. Love the fence. It's amazing what a few months will do. Mimi


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