September 10, 2009

Is It Necessary?

While you were browsing the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog did you happen to notice this?
I. Am. Obsessed!
I can't stop thinking about it.
Do you need it. . .
No (I mutter under my breath)
Do you want it . . .
YES (I yell while jumping up and down)

So with hubby's shrug of "yea, we could do something like that" rolling around in my memory I've been standing in my kitchen "accessing" the lay of the land. Here is what we have to work with(sorry it's so dark)
I have never been very thrilled with the table in this small space and have always thought a sitting area type space would be a better use of the space. But now I think a wonderful homework area would be even better.
However I'm not sure if it would work. I thought the area along the window wall would be the best place to set the homework desk but did you notice the low windows. The desk would cut off some of the windows and I think it would look funny from outside.
What do you think? Would you put a desk in here or would you advise me to go find something else to obsess about?


  1. I think it would be fine to put the desk against the window. You could hang a cafe curtain on the bottom, and no one would be able to tell from outside that the desk is there. Plus the desk would have plenty of light during the day at least.

  2. That space is perfect for a desk area, it is too cute, can't wait to see the amazing transformation.

  3. You could try it in front of the window and see how it looked. I usually don't like to see furniture backs through windows but who knows it might be fine. Mimi

  4. Maybe you could put a "flower box" in the window. Build a rectangular box the size of the window and the depth the difference between the back of the desk and window, and fill it with real or fake flowers. People would see that instead of the back of the desk, and it might look kind of cool to have flowers springing up behind the desk.


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